Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT Upright Freezer Review

The Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT is one excellent upright freezer. In fact, it does everything right: At 16 cu. ft., it’s perfectly sized for most households. As an upright, it’s easier to organize than a chest freezer. It’s also Frost Free, so you don’t have to worry about defrosting. And on sale for $565, it’s cheaper than most similarly-sized uprights.

Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT Upright Freezer
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Best of all, our performance tests revealed just what we always want to see in a freezer: cold, consistent temperatures. That’s the best way to keep food from getting freezer burn, and it proves that the FFFH21F4QT also excels at food preservation.

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If you’re in the market for an upright freezer, this is the one to buy.

Design & Usability

From the front, the freezer is just a large white expanse of glossy plastic.

The FFFH21F4QT‘s front is glossy and white, interrupted only by the handle and a pale Frigidaire logo. It’s bland—but then again, freezers are typically kept in a garage or basement.

Down at the bottom, a small green indicator light serves as a helpful reminder that the freezer is on and working. On the left side by the door handle, you’ll find the Frigidaire’s only extra feature: a door lock.

Inside, LED bulbs shine pale blue light down onto a set of wire shelves. When the freezer is full of food, the light gets blocked. The shelves are just shallow enough to accommodate a large amount of food but not so deep that you could easily lose something.

All of the wire shelves can be adjusted, but there’s only one extra shelf slot. As such, your customization options are limited in the main section. On the door you’ll find five large, fixed shelves.

Lots of shelves are available to help organize your food.

Five distinct shelving areas provide ample room for frozen food.

The door has even more shelves than the main section, but none of them move.

The door lock is the only external feature on this freezer that you can interact with.

Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT Controls

Controls are found inside the freezer. Be careful not to hit the dial when loading food onto the nearest shelf.

Unlike some upright freezers—like the pricey but attractive Kenmore 27003—which feature electronic external temperature controls, the FFFH21F4QT‘s thermostat is just a basic dial, the same kind we find on many basic chest freezers. It’s located inside the freezer on the back wall, down by the lowest shelves.

For the purposes of our tests, we set the 0-7 thermostat to 4. Normally, we’d suggest you turn it down a bit for optimal performance. While that is still true for the FFFH21F4QT, you’d also be fine leaving it at the recommended manufacturer’s setting.

Temperatures inside this upright were quite chilly throughout, with an overall average of -2.8°F. Keeping temperatures below 0ºF is how you can prevent freezer burn, and only a few warmer spots crept that high.

Temperatures inside this upright were quite chilly throughout.
What’s more, fluctuations over time and between any two points in the interior were minimal. That’s great news for long-term food storage, as consistency helps reduce the risk of freezer burn.

If you’re looking for an upright freezer that will hold enough food for a family, minimize freezer burn, and avoid frost buildup, this is the one for you.

It’s 16 cubic feet, and it also has an automatic defrost function. Unless you consider LED lighting an extra perk in an upright freezer, the Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT is completely devoid of bells and whistles.