MagicChef 6.9 cu. ft. Chest Freezer Review

In spite of its sizeable inside space, the outside of this little chest freezer is not especially huge nor will it take up exorbitant measures of space in your home. It gauges 32.6 inches high, 36.9 inches wide and 22 inches profound, which is a sensible size in the business. With the cover lifted, it stands 54.5 inches high. It weighs 73.4 pounds.

MagicChef 6.9 cu ft Chest Freezer
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One thing you will need to note is that it costs fairly more to run yearly than different items we explored. This freezer utilizes 249 kilowatts hours for every year and costs a normal of $30 every year to work. That goes to a month to month bill of $2.50, which is higher than our different freezers, however is not stunning for one apparatus that runs continually and jam your sustenance.

This little chest freezer is pleasantly furnished with a power on pointer light, movable legs, a deplete to help with the manual defrosting and a removable wicker container that gives you a chance to keep solidified sustenances you cook frequently effortlessly accessible. Sadly, you don’t get entryway wellbeing lock, which is an awesome gadget that keeps little kids ensured.


With the Magic Chef HMCF7W2, you have a large stockpiling zone to protect solidified sustenances and enough valuable components to help you keep the gadget working and cleaned. The main disadvantages are the absence of a wellbeing lock and the way that you should hand over a couple of more dollars yearly to work this freezer.