Midea 5.0 cf Chest Freezer Review

It stands 33.46 inches high, is 28.74 inches wide and 20.59 inches deep. With the top opened, it achieves a tallness of 54.06 inches. It measures a simple 66 pounds, which makes it the lightest freezer in our item lineup.

Midea 5 cf Chest Freezer
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Shockingly, the maker does not demonstrate how much leeway space you require on either side, which is critical data for a customer hoping to fit a little profound freezer into a specific territory at home. Be that as it may, plainly you require no less than six crawls in the back so air can circle uninhibitedly and the machine can work getting it done.

This little profound freezer is furnished with a power-on light marker to fill you in as to whether your freezer is keeping your sustenance securely cool or, all the more essentially, if the apparatus has quit working for reasons unknown that you have to examine.

It likewise accompanies a capacity wicker bin to hold things that you go after frequently. The wicker bin is removable so you can adjust things as you utilize them or for cleaning purposes. Likewise, this freezer has a deplete that makes the undertaking of manual defrosting much less demanding.

Lamentably, this freezer does not have customizable legs, and you don’t get an entryway bolt, which is an imperative security include, particularly on the off chance that you have youthful youngsters in the family.


You can keep solidified nourishments brilliantly chilly with this chest freezer, and you have a lot of space so you can solidify a lot of sustenance. In any case, you will pay more to run this apparatus, and it is inadequate with regards to some accommodating elements.