Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review

Now, here’s a product that spells trust from all angles. Bounty hunter metal detectors have enjoyed quite some fame. This is mainly because the main units produced by the company are always up to task and never disappoint. This bounty hunter gold digger metal detector review will tell you all you need to know about this particular model. You’ll really find an insight from the segments in this review that include the product’s features, it’s pros and cons—simple as that!

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Before we go deep into analyzing this bounty hunter metal detector it’s probably imperative that we take acknowledge the power of metal detecting as well as treasure hunting placed on our hands by the bounty hunter products in the market today. Although some of these devices are sophisticated enough to only be used by those who are experts in this field, the company has in many occasions gone out of its way to ensure that we get an all-inclusive unit within no time. Metal detector bounty hunter lovers! You are really going to love the bounty hunter gold differ metal detector. Apart from getting the gold, coins, and even jewelry, this is a very pocket-friendly unit. Let’s look at the features of this great unit.

Bounty hunter gold digger metal detector features

The bounty hunter gold digger metal detector can be used anywhere to search for gold coins or iron relics. Its motion All-Metal-Mode is a great feature that makes it a standout unit among the many beginner units. It comes with an awesome target ID feature that can identify coin-sized objects hidden 6 inches beneath the ground. It uses two 9-volt alkaline batteries—unfortunately these do not come with the bounty hunter gold digger metal detector package. Another feature worth mentioning for this device is that it comes in a certified Frustration-Free package. The major feature however, is the trash elimination control feature. Of course you can take a look at this bounty hunter metal detector manual to familiarize yourself with its parts.


This bounty hunter metal detector has some merits that make it stand out as a one-of-a-kind product. It doesn’t just make you treasure hunting escapades successful, it also ensures that you do not suffer financially when you decide to purchase it. Some of the users who have chosen to go with this device have experienced quality time and most of the time even ripped big from their searches. It doesn’t make you sweat while you do your searching. This is because it comes in a lightweight compact design that makes it very easy and comfortable to use.

The bounty hunter gold digger metal detector is very easy to assemble and use. This is because it’s recommended as a multi-purpose metal detector. Even though it’s perfect for beginners and teenagers, once in a while it can be very useful even to veterans who are looking for a pocket-friendly device. This detector is perfect to use anywhere—whether you like hunting on land or at the beach, the gold digger has you covered. It has a waterproof search coil that can withstand a certain degree of moisture. This way, you can easily vary your searching grounds without feeling limited in some way.

This metal detector is efficient and can locate all kinds of metal objects hidden beneath the ground. Now, this may sound debatable in one way or the other because then you are likely to find a lot of junk metals in your search for valuable treasure. However, it can be quite a blessing using this bounty hunter metal detector because your search is not limited to a particular kind of metal. Besides, once you get used to differentiating between the tones, you can easily avoid rubbish with the use of the Trash Eliminator. How awesome!

Another huge advantage with this simple yet awesome device is that it’s very good for teenagers, kids, and those who are just starting to take metal detecting seriously. This is perfect if you are looking to have your teenage daughter or son learn some creative hands-on activities. With a simple budget you can get them this metal detector to get their outdoor activities going, as a starter, the gold digger metal detector makes it easy for you both financially and the benefits that come with it. Because some of these gadgets are sophisticated and only require some level of expertise to master their use, opting for this detector will d you a lot of good as a novice detectorist.


Now, as much as the bounty hunter can be cost-friendly and a good companion for a novice detectorist, it also might impose a few limitations. For instance, this detector uses two 9-volt alkaline batteries (they do not come with the detector by the way). However, it is often very frustrating when after just one or two hours the batteries drain out and leave you stranded at the search location. This however should not bother you to the point of giving it up. With the help of extra batteries, you should be back up and running again. Also, the absence of volume control on this device may mean that you have to endure very loud tones that are sometimes disturbing. Otherwise apart from a few limitations here and there, this is an awesome unit that promises a lot of “find” provided you are patient and detailed enough.


Bounty hunter metal detector reviews vary with the kind of model in question. You should be very careful when choosing among the bounty hunter metal detectors. Make a wise decision after reading a bounty hunter metal detector review such as this one. The best place to get a cheaper bounty hunter metal detector is buying through Amazon. The products there are well showcased and come at very affordable prices irrespective of what corner of the globe you are located. Take note of the links given in this review as you head off to shop. Thank you for reading this review, I hope it has inspired you to choose this awesome metal detector!

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