Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Metal Detector Review

Bounty hunter detectors have always been on top of things when it comes to quality. Many of their products are loved by many and sometimes other people like to associate bounty hunter metal detectors with metal detecting– because they are simply awesome. The bounty hunter pioneer 505 metal detector is one product in the line of bounty detectors that is meant to make anyone’s metal detecting and treasure hunting experience one of a kind. This bounty hunter metal detector is deemed worth a beginner’s try but may just prove to be an equipment that professionals would like.

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Metal Detector

This Pioneer 505 metal detector review is here to give you all the reasons as to why you may need to buy this Pioneer 505 bounty hunter metal detector. Indeed it’s very important to always read through product reviews before purchasing them either online or through your local store. Bounty hunter metal detector reviews are scarce over the internet and are sometimes limited in terms of every tiny detail you may want to know. This review will prove to be different as it will give you all the small details that you need to know about the Pioneer 505 metal detector.

Features of the Pioneer 505 metal detector

So, how exactly does the Pioneer 505 bounty hunter metal detector look like? Well, this amazing bounty hunter metal detector assumes a simple and comfortable design just like many of its bounty hunter counterparts. It has its control box mounted over the first bend of its S-shaped frame. It comes with an adjustable shaft that fits snugly into place and won’t cause any wobbliness as you try and scan the ground for metals.  This unit comes with quite some interesting settings to make metal detecting easy and comfortable. It comes with 4 easily distinguishable audio tones, 9-segment target ID, custom notching, ground balance, and free-twisting sensitivity and discrimination knobs that complete a perfect and up-task metal detector.


Truth be said the Pioneer 505 bounty hunter metal detector may be deemed a beginner unit but it comes as a perfect professional unit. Just to be precise, its design is something to behold. While many beginner detectors may boast a lightweight and comfortable design, none of them does it quite like this unit. The bounty hunter Pioneer 505 metal detector doesn’t just come as a lightweight unit, it has the perfect shape for longer usage. The tiny-S-shaped frame will be recommendable for any newbie in the bobby. Apart from that, the padded grip is awesome because it saves you a lot of time trying to customize it—it’s permanently fixed on the lower bend of the S-shaped frame.

Another thing that makes this metal detector a world-class unit is its control box which carries just about everything you’ll require for your treasure hunting escapade. Most detectors if not all come with audio tone settings that help identify certain signals from the ground. However, not all detectors have distinguishable audio tones as the Pioneer 505 metal detector. These distinguishable tones can be a very good thing in treasure hunting trip. You will not only get an idea of what’s in the ground, but you’ll also easily be able to get rid of false signals from the ground. this only happens when you are using the bounty hunter pioneer 505 metal detector.

Another setting that makes this metal detector quite interesting is the 9-segment target ID feature that points out different metals from iron nails and foil wrappers to silver dollar coins with an arrow indicator.  This is very crucial as it helps you filter out the unwanted trash and only go for the real gems. However, that’s only the beginning of how amazing it gets with this unit. The free-twisting sensitivity and discrimination knobs make this unit stand over and above the rest of the competition. These knobs are responsible for a much more fine-tuned control over the metal detector’s search field. Something none of the competition has been able to offer.

Other advanced features that make this detector a standout device include the ground balance an custom notching. The custom notching feature does its best to ensure you only search for what you want to acquire from the ground. this is great especially when searching for rare treasure from the ground such as silver and diamond. This is enhanced by the target ID that’s quite amazing with this unit too. When you decide to get a beginner metal detector you might want to go for one with a perfect ground balance feature and there’s no metal detector with an awesome ground balance like the Bounty hunter Pioneer 505.


Unfortunately this great bounty hunter has its downside, though not that damaging but worth mentioning. The main downside to this unit is the fact that it may take a while before you learn how to live with the somewhat advanced features—if you are a beginner. This metal detector does not give you easy time when it comes to figuring out the optimal sensitivity settings for your liking. And even if you were able to somehow figure them out in a flash—luckily though—there’s no particular reference in case you turn off the metal detector. See, once switched off, the Pioneer 505 bounty hunter metal detector’s sensitivity knob resets making it difficult to have a favorite setting.

However, even as this may turn out to be the case, there is always a remedy for such situations. If you wanted to learn how to use a bounty hunter metal detector, then all you have to do is have a good look at that particular bounty hunter metal detector manual. The bounty hunter Pioneer 505 manual should act as a good remedy to settings problems. Keep your manual as close to you as possible.


The Bounty hunter Pioneer 505 metal detector is an awesome beginner metal detector that’s going to mean a lot to your newly discovered hobby. With its advanced features, you get more than any other detector could offer you. You might have to stay with it for a while as a beginner to get used to it but once you get a grasp of it, then you’ll have more long-term control over your metal detecting experience. I hope this Pioneer 505 metal detector review has been insightful and you’ll use it before you shop for your detector. Check out the links given here for best prices and deals.

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