Elenco Metal Detector Review

Here’s the Elenco metal detector review. I must say that you have never seen a metal detector that is as staple as the Elenco metal detector with beep alert. It can be easily confused as a toy due to its nature and appearance. However, as much as it exhibits extreme simplicity it still works pretty much the same way as any normal metal detector. I have gone through several Elenco metal detector reviews and I’m always impressed with the videos and pictures chosen to accompany some of the reviews. Normally you’ll see a picture or video of a kid using this metal detector. It just goes to tell you that it’s basically meant for individuals seeking to metal detect for the very first time.

Elenco Metal Detector

Elenco metal detectors are always made with simplicity and functionality in mind. They are also loved by both beginners and veterans alike. For this unit though, I must say that nothing could have been as basic and as extremely affordable for a novice detectorist. It doesn’t pack a lot of features as many of its counterparts, but because beginners are usually just out to satisfy their curiosity and actually get to decide if they can fully utilize metal detecting as a hobby, why not get a simple but fun unit? That seems to have been the concern for the manufacturer as they made this unit. Let’s have a look at the features of this metal detector.

Elenco metal detector Features

So, as already stated, this metal detector makes metal detecting look as basic as it can get. You can actually just speculate—at least accurately—what you’ll be acquiring with just a single look at the metal detector. The rod is actually made out of aluminum. On the rod, there are LED indicators that are meant to tell you if you have found something or not. The rod is also retractable and allows for easy storage. It also comes with a beep sound that tells you whether you have acquired a metal in your search. You can hand the detector to your kid once you have confirmed all these features.


The Elenco metal detector is the basic version of any metal detector and comes at a crazy low price. It doesn’t get any cheaper for a metal detector than what you are actually getting with this unit. This perhaps explains why this unit is only perfect to be used by small kids who are looking to venture into the metal detecting hobby. It’s the best cheap way to teach your children how to metal detect. Because it comes with a beep sound and flashy LED indicators, it will keep a kid busy for the better part of the day. It will also keep them interested and ready to spend some time in the outdoors.

Now, because kids need to learn important values as they grow up—especially perseverance, problem-solving, as well as patience—it’s important that they lean these values early in their childhood. And what a great way it would be to get them to learn these values than through the awesome metal detecting hobby. The recommended detector to use for kids this age is the Elenco metal detector with a beep. You are going to enjoy as your kids grow up liking the hobby. It will also take their attention off the internet stuff that might mislead them in one way or the other. Plus, you are not really going to invest heavily on this metal detector.

Last but not least, the Elenco metal detector features are perfect even for kids. Because kids tend to be destructive, there’s need to get them reliable and durable units. This metal detector is made with some really durable material and will last a long time as your kids grow up. The recommended age for use is given as between 8-12 years. You can choose to upgrade for them as they grow up and show some real interest in metal detecting and treasure hunting. Make sure you always lead the toddlers as they learn the first steps in treasure and relic hunting. You can take them to the beach because this unit actually works perfect in sand.


The biggest disadvantage which is also perhaps the biggest advantage—bringing to mind the saying that your biggest strength is indeed your biggest weakness—is that this is a pretty basic metal detector that only suits small kids. It’s uniquely built to help the young ones learn the art of metal detecting. This means that it may not perfectly suit anyone else looking for a superior metal detector even if they were just beginners. The features are also limited to the little users and are not really that dynamic. You’ll have to be very lucky to even acquire high-end metals such as gold and silver. However, it’s perfect for the small kids and you might benefit a lot if you bought a different superior unit.


The Elenco metal detector is a pretty awesome device if you are looking to introduce the young ones into the metal detecting hobby. It has some very basic features perfect for kids and also comes at an insanely affordable price. I have included a link in this review that will give you a quick access to the current price. You can also find great deals on this product from Amazon. You will also benefit a lot from reading the reviews from customers. I hope this review has been helpful and will help you get the correct product for your child.

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