Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F2 metal detector with pinpointer is one of the top recommended beginner metal detector not just because it’s a switch and go detector, but because it comes with awesome features worth any price. It’s a simple to use device that comes with much more than just the ability to sniff out metals from the ground. It can do so much more if one utilized its high-end features. It also comes at an affordable price even though you are getting so much more from it compared to other beginner metal detectors.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

This Fisher F2 review will take you through some of its features as well as tell you its advantages and disadvantages.  But even before that I have gone through some Fisher metal detector reviews (Fisher F2 reviews included) and there’s really so much praise for this great device that though classified as an entry-level metal detector, it’s really awesome for one. Anyone looking to establish themselves as metal detecting hobbyists will really see no need of going for any other device if they had an option of choosing this particular unit. Please come with me as I tell you more about this great metal detector that will certainly be worth your consideration.

Fisher F2 metal detector features

So here are some of the Fisher F2 metal detector features. This machine comes in an S-shaped design with the shaft carrying the somewhat fancy control box—actually this unit’s control box makes it a good match with both Garrett ace 150 and 250. The control box comes with a simple to use button interface making it a perfect beginner metal detector. The control box carries the different settings for effective detecting. These settings include discrimination, sensitivity, notch, pinpoint, and power. The coil size is 8 inches while it uses two9-volt batteries to function. This unit weighs in at only 2 pounds or 2.6 pounds if the batteries are included.


So, what can the Fisher F2 do for your metal detecting hobby? This metal detector is one of a kind and makes for a very good recommendation for those who are looking to make metal detecting their hobby. If you have been searching for a beginner metal detector that gives you more features that are easy to handle, then this is the metal detector that you have been looking for. With the help of the Fisher F2 manual, you can do so much more with these features. If you are familiar with Fisher metal detector parts then this should be the perfect unit for you because the parts don’t really differ from the rest apart from the somewhat enhanced settings for this unit.

As much as there’s talk of beginner metal detectors not being up to task in terms of better metal detecting and perhaps better finds, this machine tends to prove wrong that perception. It has a nice discrimination setting that allows you to filter out unwanted materials and only go for what is truly valuable. You get to choose between different items including iron, nickel, foil, zinc, quarter, or dime—I would filter out iron and leave the rest. This setting is better enhanced with the sensitivity setting that helps you get better items in highly mineralized grounds.

Some Fisher F2 tips include what you get with the settings, for instance, some of the recommended settings include settings the sensitivity at “5 bars” on the LCD screen. As a starter, it’s recommended that you start filtering out iron and then when you get used to the Fisher F2 you can start playing around with this setting. It really doesn’t take that long to get a hang of this metal detector. For swinging speed recommendation, it’s better if you swing the coil as low and as close to the ground as possible. You can double swing at the same spot just to make sure that you don’t miss out on some small targets. This unit has an amazing target identification and you should be able to find some really awesome finds with it. Make sure to use the pinpoint mode by swinging the coil in an X position. This will help you narrow down on the target on the ground. you can opt to ignore signal readings that are all over the place—this is mostly junk. Further swinging may reveal steady numbers and that’s when you start digging.

This metal detector really doesn’t take a toll on you physical shape. Weighing in at just 2.6lbs—including the batteries weight—and at just 2lbs with no batteries you will never feel at all tired. Even after working for long hours metal detecting. The battery life is also amazing—going by some of the customer Fisher F2 reviews—you can therefore be assured of a very fruitful hunting trip. You can opt for a spare pack of batteries just to be safe in case your unit runs out of juice in the middle of hunting for some very important finds.


Even though veterans recommend this metal detector for beginners, it still comes with its share of cons. However, it may just be a con depending on how well or how badly you choose to use it. But one thing I did notice with this detector that was somewhat concerning is the size and the design of the search head. It really offers nothing special in terms of better finds and target ID. At just 8 inches, this coil leaves a lot to be desired. As a matter of fact, it may turn out to be quite frustrating and tedious as you’ll have to keep swinging it in order to find something useful. However, with the sensitivity and target discrimination settings, you can easily tailor the unit to work as you may want it to.


The Fisher F2 metal detector with pinpointer is an awesome detector that offers you so much quality and guarantees better finds. As a beginner, you never really have to search or go any further than what this unit has to offer. You can find a Fisher F2 for sale on Amazon where the deals are awesome and shipping services are always reliable. This Fisher F2 review will be a good guide as you seek out this detector’s services. Click on appropriate links given here to know the price.