Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F4 metal detector has everything you’d want to have in your very first metal detector (perhaps even a bonus of features that you don’t get with many beginner metal detectors). Fisher metal detectors will always lead the race for best metal detectors and the Fisher F4 metal detector is prove of that. To be honest you will not really get an affordable beginner metal detector that gives you have the advantages you are getting with this unit. The features are really awesome and you will be forgiven for thinking it’s only meant for veteran hobbyists.

Fisher F4 Metal Detector

One thing I do like about this metal detector is its control box which carries just about every good thing that comes with this unit. I had a chance to through some fisher reviews just to see how others rate this unit and I couldn’t agree more that it’s simply magnificent. Fisher metal detector reviews are extremely important especially when you are looking to buy one. This particular one will attempt to be as informative as possible. We will be looking to explore this Fisher metal detector by looking at its features, why it’s the best of the best and also tell you some of its cons (if any).

Fisher F4 metal detector features

As I said before, the Fisher F4 metal detector’s control box holds just about all the major feature on this detector. It’s the standout feature on this unit. It’s attached just below the angled grip and closely situated so that you can easily manipulate the settings with your thumb. On the control box are sensitivity and discrimination settings that are strategically placed higher on the box so that you don’t accidentally brush them as this can greatly affect—in a bad way—your treasure hunting. You do not want to accidentally change these settings. The search coil is one of a kind. You don’t really see its kind with many beginner detectors. It’s an elliptical biaxial search coil capable of so much more than you’ve ever experienced with other Fisher detectors. It weighs in at only 2.8 pounds and comes with tones of super controls and target ID features.


So, the question here is, what really can the Fisher F4 metal detector do for me as a beginner, intermediate, or even veteran metal detectorist? Simple really. What makes this unit stand out are its Fisher metal detector parts. They are all enhanced from the previous versions of Fisher metal detectors. With the 11-inch elliptical DD search coil, there are no limits to what you can conquer in terms of metal detecting. As a matter of fact, most beginner metal detectors have a distant 8-inch search coil that simply doesn’t come close to giving the very best at metal detecting and treasure hunting. This Fisher detector has its coil to thank for its effectiveness.

Another awesome thing with this unit is its target ID feature. There’s just about every advanced setting to enhance this feature. With a 4-tone audio and an 11-category graphic target ID, you always have a decent idea of what you are actually digging up. To top it up the Fisher F4 supplements these settings with a numeric Target ID interface that can easily be read out. This kind of reading is awesome as it gives you a target’s precise reading usually on a scale of 0-99. This numeric target ID doesn’t come as easy as the category ID especially if you just a beginner. However, with both features present in this metal detector, you actually get a chance to grow with it as time passes by and you start to get used to these features.

Also, with the Fisher F4 metal detector, you get to easily notch out metal and targets that you don’t really need. The custom notching feature gives the discrimination adjustment the right back up as you try and identify awesome targets from the ground. You also get a pinpoint feature that guides you exactly on where you are supposed to dig so that you don’t actually waste a lot of time and energy digging for nothing. This is also backed up with a somewhat perplexing reliable and efficient depth indicator that lets you know just how far you are supposed to dig for your target.

The Fisher F4 comes with a free-twisting ground balance feature that gives you the much needed control when in the field hunting. It can be a bit tricky as a beginner but once you get a hang of it in a while, it becomes the best thing you actually never had. Also, the fact that it comes in a very lightweight design makes metal detecting as easy as seeping a cup of coffee. The weight doesn’t really take a toll on you physical shape and you actually get to be comfortable applying the numerous settings. The company also gives you a one-of-a-kind warranty that will help you improve your hobby.


Now, I know it’s always sad when a metal detecting unit that actually seems to be perfect has to have its downside. The Fisher F4 metal detector doesn’t really have a troubling downside that’s going to jeopardize or make things tough for you. The only flaw in this unit is its armrest’s padding which was constructed with a hard material and a raised edge that may actually chaff your arm as you metal detect. However, this is easily replaceable with a soft form that’s actually going to reduce its effect on your arm.


There you have it, the Fisher F4 metal detector review. Much of the information given here is what you actually never see with many Fisher metal detector reviews. This actually means you landed at the right place. If you are looking to buy yourself this unit then there’re many places that you can actually acquire one. For instance, the manufacturer supplies these units on their website. You can also get it from Fisher metal detector dealers. I would recommend getting yours through Amazon where the deals and prices are actually the best you’ve ever seen. You can click on the links given here to view the prices and best deals. Otherwise thank you for reading this Fisher F4 metal detector review.