Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Review

Today I will give you the Garrett Ace 150 review. Because this unit has won so much praise from beginner metal detectorists to experts alike, it’s only fair that you get a full review. Garrett is a renowned company that always produces quality from every product they put out there for sale. This has enabled them to stay ahead of the competition with their Garrett detectors. The Garrett ace 150 metal detector is the earliest version in the Ace series and has been praised because of the number of features it carries with it. It’s highl;y recommended that as a beginner you get a detector that takes care of your needs and not least of which is your pocket. This metal detector does exactly that.

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garrett metal detectors reviews especially those that specifically mention the Garrett ace series have put this detector as the first version. However, in as much as you would love to know every detail, some of the reviews are very short and may actually have very little information for you to read. This Garrett ace review will look at this Garrett metal detector’s features, its advantages, as well as disadvantages. I will also mention where to find Garrett metal detectors for sale aside from getting them from Garrett metal detectors dealers in your locality. We will point you the best deals you can get especially when you shop online.

Garrett Ace 150 metal detector Features

Now, just like the many Garrett metal detectors found in the market today, the Garrett 150 packs some of the best features you could ever imagine. A look at the detector and you get the feeling that your treasure hunting trips are going to be a success. This unit comes with a 6.5 by 9-inch search coil, a control box fixed just above the rod’s only bend. The rod is colored black with traces of yellow in the grip padding that’s very durable and strong. The control box, which contains an LCD display, allows you to adjust several settings for a better detecting experience. The unit uses 4 AA batteries for its power supply. It has a digital target ID, a built-in external speaker and headphone jack, as well as a ery nice and reliable sensitivity control. This unit also comes in a very lightweight—just 2.2lbs—sporty design that will please anyone.


I have to say that Garrett have been producing the best products as far as metal detectors are concerned at least going by the many Garrett metal detector reviews. And to be completely honest, these reviews have really been hitting the nail on the head—save for a few that are too short to offer every detail required. The Garrett ace 150 is one great metal detector with a lot of merits. It qualifies as a beginner detector due to its simple, sporty, and lightweight design that makes it very easy and comfortable to use. This means that your hunting trip will never get too boring too quickly because of fatigue from lifting a heavy detector.

This unit comes with an awesome sensitivity control feature that allows 4 adjustment levels so that you can easily change the ground condition. This is specifically for areas where the soil is highly mineralized you should always check this Garrett metal detector’s manuals in order to fully understand how different levels of sensitivity work. It’s imperative to do this since to much sensitivity may lead to loss of depth. Even so, it’s very easy to identify some of the targets that you may have found using the Target ID feature that can be accessed through the control box.

This unit also comes with a discrimination feature that allows you to carefully filter out unwanted junk metals and only go for what you want. The discrimination feature is very important as it’s very helpful especially when you are hunting in a location littered with trash. For the price that this unit comes with, it’s totally amazing that you actually get all these features. Apart from the discrimination feature, the 4AA batteries that come with this detector are also really awesome. With the power supply, you can keep your metal detecting adventure going for hours. This saves you frustrations as well as extra costs spent on replacements.

Finally, the Garrett ace 150 is one very affordable unit. I’m sure you have seen in your search for the perfect detector that some of these beginner units are totally overpriced. However, with Garrett metal detectors, things are always better for you because you get to save a few extra bucks that you can spend on different accessories that do not accompany the unit. You also get to privately carry out your metal detecting activity by using the headphones that come with the unit


The Garrett ace 150 comes with amazing features and is really worth all the hype that comes with it. However, there are a few things that may just be considered as limitations—even though they may not be too damaging for an awesome experience. For instance, it does not come with a ground balance feature. This may mean a lot of trouble especially when you need to treasure-hunt in a very trashy area. You can mitigate this situation by adjusting the sensitivity settings. Also, this is the earliest of the Ace series and may not be as perfect as its compatriots. However, the choice is always yours given the fact that despite being the earliest version it’s really affordable.


Garrett metal detectors are always up to the task and offer simplicity as well as functionality for both beginners and veterans alike. The Garrett metal detectors can be purchased through Amazon for the best prices. You can follow the appropriate links given in this review for the best deals on this product. All in all, I hope this review has been very insightful and has given you firsthand information on this great device.