Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector Review

Garrett metal detectors have been many people’s darlings because they are simply very effective in what they do. Garrett detector manufacturers have always been up to task with their products improving every version whenever they need to. The Garrett ace 350 metal detector is a revamped version of the ace 250. It has seen some major changes of the Garrett metal detector parts especially the search coil size and different minor configurations. The search coil for this metal detector is a standard 11-inch with a Pro-formance DD configuration. This improvement was made purposely not only to make this unit a better device but also to make metal detection easier.

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector

In this Garrett ace 350 metal detector review we will focus on giving you information about this device. You will also get to know the Garrett metal detector accessories that come with it. Remember you can benefit a lot from reading Garrett 350 metal detector reviews such as this one because you get firsthand information that’s oftentimes ignored by detectorists—especially those who are just starting to like the hobby. We will look at the features, the advantages, disadvantages, as well as tell you where to find the Garrett 350 metal detector for sale.

Garrett ace 350 metal detector features

Now, as mentioned above, this Garrett 350 metal detector is a revamp of the Garrett 250 metal detector and the major change that came as a result of this vamp is the large search coil. This unit comes with an 11-inch DD Pro-Formance search coil. It also comes with a battery indicator that allows you to view the battery level while searching for metals. Another interesting feature that comes with this unit is the Continuous Coin Depth Indicator that shows target deepness. It also comes with an electronic pinpointing feature that increases the target recovery period. The accept/reject discrimination helps modify discrimination patterns. It also has Five search modes to help set discrimination preferences. There are interchangeable ace series coils to help with your search. You’ll also notice push button controls on this unit to help you handle it in one touch operation.

Other things that come with this unit include a Camo pouch, a carry bag, a coil cover as well as clear sound headphones that will help you determine and differentiate between the metals detected by the device. You might also get other perks such as an Enviro cover as well as a relic quest book depending on where you buy it—you can get this from Amazon.


The Garrett ace 350 metal detector obviously boasts its superiority from its 11-inch Double-D search coil that gives you better handling of soil mineralization and better target separation. With the huge search coil you also get a wider depth and a larger scanning area. With this unit comes a higher frequency—8.25 KHz—that ensures you are able to detect smaller conductive objects like foil, gold and nickels. You also get 5 preselected modes that include Jewelry, Relics, Zero (All-Metal Mode) and custom. All these help you target only what you are looking for and help reduce hampering by junk metals.

The custom setting is very crucial when you need to search for specific metals. You can use the custom mode to discriminate targets that you do not want and only acquire those you want. Just to be safe and ensure you don’t miss out on an important setting, always refer to the manual as well as watch relevant videos that show you how to apply the different settings. I have not included any videos in this Garrett ace 350 review but I’m sure there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you with the different Garrett ace 350 discrimination settings.

Another great advantage that comes with this metal detector is its electrical Pinpoint feature. This is great if you know how it works—I would recommend a close study of the Garrett ace 350 metal detector controls section. The pinpointing button helps you know the exact point of the target and helps eliminate unnecessary digging. How this works is that once you have identified the target, you hold onto the pinpointing button while swinging your detector from side to side. Wait until you hear a loud tone and top row segments have all lit up and start digging at that particular spot.

Apart from the Pinpointing ad discrimination features, this Garrett metal detector packs other great merits. For instance, it has a low overall weight and exhibits great balance. Apart from that it’s also a extremely easy to use—just turn it on, select a desirable mode, and off you go. It also has a great battery life—apparently the 2 9-volt batteries will last up to 40 hours. You can therefore take it out for a very long treasure hunting escapade. All these amazing features make this ace Garrett detector absolutely ideal for beginners and intermediates. It’s also not a bad upgrade for experts with the kind of discrimination settings that come with this unit.


As much as we would love to have this as our top metal detector for treasure hunting and metal detecting, we simply can’t ignore the fact that it has its own flaws. The major concern with the Garett ace 350 metal detector is that sometimes it just fails to credibly report target findings. This especially happens when you are working at the beach where it’s easy to get false signals and also the Target ID feature failing to work as well as it should. However, this is not to say that metal detecting at the beach is impossible with this device. Sometimes all you need to do is set the sensitivity lower and you’ll be back up and running again.


So, there you have it, the Garrett ace 350 review. I hope it has been a real source of inspiration and that your shopping decision is now going to be easy. There other versions of the Garrett detectors but if you can get this awesome product for yourself or loved ones, then your hobby could not get any better. I recommend doing your shopping on Amazon where you’ll get access to great prices as well as learn what other customers have experienced from specific products.