Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Today I’ll be writing the Garrett At Pro review for you. Having gone through Garrett metal detectors reviews, I couldn’t help but notice the amazing features that come with this device and the amazing advantages that you could enjoy if you chose to use this device (most Garrett detector reviews are very short and may not include everything you need to know. This Garrett at pro review will tell you everything). This unit is one you’ll want to take with you in any trip. It works perfectly in all kinds of terrain and will be a perfect companion for that camping trip you plan to have with your family.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett metal detectors are always high-end with features that can be quite befuddling for a novice detectorist. However, with this Garrett pro metal detector is a simple unit. It comes with great features that will work perfectly for any starter hobbyist. It can also be a great replacement or upgrade for those who are already established in the metal detecting activity. This Garrett at pro metal detector review will look at this unit’s amazing features, give you its advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, read on to find out more.

Garrett At Pro Metal Detector Features

This unit packs some very unique and amazing features. Basically this is how the Garrett at pro metal detector looks like; it comes in an all black color—no traces of yellow or brown as might be other Garrett metal detectors. It comes with cam locks and features an extendable arm while remaining reasonably lightweight (just 1.4Kg or 3.03lbs). It measures between 42 to 51 inches (1.06m to 1.29m) long—that is simply the length of the retracted unit versus the elongated unit (See the image above for clear details).


The first advantage of the Garrett at pro metal detector that I will always mention even when I have to deliver the review verbally, is the fact that it has an awesome display unit. The display is very unique, has a fantastic design and most of all is very easy to use. The interface is so user friendly and makes metal detecting seem like childplay. This is because all the necessary information needed is all given here and there’s no need searching or scampering for more details that’s not even visible—common with many other detectors. The Digital Target ID stands out from this display. It’s marked 0 to 99. This Target ID feature makes all the difference and makes this garrett detector unique from the rest. With this feature, you easily get to decide whether a target is worth going for or not.

Another noticeable feature that gives this unit an edge over the others is the variety you can have when it comes to the search coil feature. This Garrett pro comes with a number of interchangeable search coils you can choose from. However the main search coil that comes with this device measures 8.5 by 11 inches. It’s a DD Pro-formance submersible coil. This means that you can get it deep into the sea water at the beach and it will work just fine. However, if you were looking to get wet beyond the entire unit (if you wanted to submerge the headphones too) you might have to search for waterproof items to go with the search coil.

I also like the fact that this unit comes in a very lightweight design (you are going to love this too). This means that you’ll never get tired to the point of wanting to put the unit down. This is very crucial especially when you need to metal detect for long hours and when the search location requires close attention—sometimes due to too much trash and junk metals. Make sure to read the Garrett at pro manual in order to learn how to properly handle the unit. To top it all, this is the most perfect unit for beginners. It’s never too complicated for anyone and gives you everything in a silver spoon—it literally spoon-feeds you.


The Garrett at Pro may be the perfect unit for any beginner but it comes with one or two issues that may need to be addressed in case one needs to properly metal detect anywhere. Number one is that this unit does not come cheap. I think if you followed the links given here for checking prices you’ll notice that it’s slightly overpriced. This may send the wrong signal for young novice detectorists. However, this metal detector is way superior to many beginner metal detectors. The number of amazing features that you get with this device for its actual price actually seems like a steal. Therefore, nothing should discourage you from getting this detector for your first adventure into the field.


Now Garrett metal detectors for sale can always be found with the manufacturer or through Amazon. Amazon offers you great deals on these products. You can get at pro for sale at a very affordable price if you follow the links given here. Amazon has some special sales that includes buying the unit as a single item, or getting a number of other features such as the Garrett at pro headphone adapter all coming at different affordable prices. Besides that, I would really give this detector an honest verdict that I think is going to be helpful to you too. I will say that this is a really awesome detector that can actually mean a lot of find and a very amazing experience. It beats many other detectors save from the inflated price per unit.