Minelab Go-Find 60 Metal Detector Review

The Minelab Go-Find series has seen some amazing products packed with awesome features. These products have been a darling of many hobbyists. But never before has there been a metal detector– within the series– with precision and reliability like the Minelab Go-Find 60 metal detector. This unit offers you maximum control, expanded depth and most importantly great power and performance. It’s a great metal detector for those who are just starting to love and enjoy their experience with the metal detecting hobby. It might also be a very affordable upgrade to those already established as experts in the field.

Minelab Go-Find 60 Metal Detector
If you were to read Minelab metal detector reviews anywhere on the internet, you’ll notice the hype and praise given to the Minelab Go-Find series metal detectors. The Minelab Go-Find 60 metal detector is the latest and new version in the series. It combines the features from the previous versions only that this time they are greatly improved and magnified. This Minelab Go Find 60 review will give you some of the amazing features that are packed in this unit. You will also find out why this is device is loved by many and also a few limitations here and there. So, read on…

Minelab Go-Find 60 Metal Detector Features

Minelab Go Find 60 metal detector packs amazing features that would be the envy of many other detectors. It’s not just an improved version for nothing. It actually comes as advertised. These features will come in handy as you search and try to perfect your metal detecting capabilities. This unit comes with a screen backlight that is very efficient when you need to learn about the information displayed. It comes with a 10-inch search coil, a retractable body and 4 AA batteries that act as very generous and enduring power supplies. It also comes with LED indicators that can help identify if the metal discovered is junk or precious.


This Minelab metal detector comes with all the above mentioned features just so it can give you ample time as you maneuver the ground searching for the perfect metal or coin. For instance, the 10-inch search coil is like no other—in fact, none of the series members has a better coil than the Go find 60. It expand the depth and metal detecting capacity as you hover it over the ground or two feet deep into the water. It will find you just the precious metals and nothing more.

Furthermore, with this unit everything is set right in front of you. If you are looking for controls, discrimination functions, and virtually any button worth pressing on a metal detector they are all right in front of you. This is to give you ample time as you search for the best hidden treasure metals and other artifacts. This unit comes with a Bluetooth interface that helps you connect with other gadgets such as smart devices in order to diversify the hobby. You can use a number of apps with this metal detector including Google maps. This is awesome especially in the modern era where everything has been diversified.

The Minelab Go-Find metal detector comes in a very lightweight and compact design. This not only keeps it with you for quite a foreseeable future,it also means that you get to be comfortable as you maneuver the ground for the perfect treasure hidden. You’ll rarely feel exhausted with this device especially when you need to metal detect for long hours. The 4 AA batteries are very durable and will make your adventure worth every minute. Truth be told, you’ll rarely come across a metal detector that gives you all these for a very affordable price—it’s basically a steal.

With this metal detector, you get to enjoy valuable finds. Unlike the lower members of the series, the Go find 60 can detect precious metals like gold and silver. This is because the metal detector will always let you know when you have found treasure. For instance, the LED indicators will light green to indicate that you have found either gold or silver. A high pitched tone from the audio feature will also indicate a valuable metal. If however the LED indicators are lighting red, it’s a clear indicator that you simply found a junk metal—mostly just iron in form of a rusted nail or something similar. How awesome can this be?


This is the section that tells you if a certain metal detector is fit for selection or not. As much as the Go find 60 metal detector may have several amazing features, it also has a few skeletons hidden. For instance, the major flaw with this otherwise great fabrication is the fact tha it quickly drains the batteries. There is a reason you have to use all 4 AA batteries sparingly to avoid getting stranded in the search location looking for a way out of battery trouble. Another thing is that you cannot fully submerge this unit into the water as not all the parts are waterproof. This may be a concern too. However, you can always search for waterproof upgrades. For the battery, just lower the sensitivity and everything should be okay again.


There you have it, the Minelab Go Find 60 review.you can find a new or used minelab metal detector for sale in your local detector store. However, if you are looking to start your hobby with a new unit, you can head over to Amazon for the best deals. I have included links to finding the best deals on this page. I hope you have enjoyed this review and you will be inpred by it as you try and search for the best metal detector.