Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector Review

Teknetics metal detectors are packed with great features coming from a recent technological advancement by the manufacturer. The Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector is the attest of the many versions that the company has produced. This unit is well regarded amongst metal detector hobbyists who love its amazing features and functionality. The build makes it look pretty much the same as the many products we have reviewed here just that the shape tends to take after the shape of an “S.” this kind-of makes it look unique and quite presentable to both newcomers and established metal detecting hobbyists.
Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector
We are going to cover the Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector review in few understandable sections that will be of help to anyone looking to shop for this great piece of invention. This Teknetics Delta 4000 review will take you through the features that come with this device its advantages and disadvantages. We will also give you appropriate links to finding the best deals on Teknetics metal detectors for sale. So, sit back and relax as you read through the best of the best about this great device that is going to help you rip big from the metal detecting hobby.

Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector features

So, here are the features of the Teknnetics delta 4000 metal detector. You’ll probably see some of the physical features on the teknetics delta 4000 manual but nothing as detailed as what I am going to give in this Teknetics Delta 4000 review. Now, I always mention the search coil of any particular metal detector first. This is because it’s pretty much the marquee feature of any detector out there. The Teknetics metal detector comes with a standard, 8-inch concentric search coil. It also comes in a classic s-shaped frame with the control box hanging just underneath the machine’s lower bend. You’ll have to get used to the somewhat elevated—placed too high on the frame– grip padding. However, it’s made of soft rugged foam that’s painless on your hands but tough enough to last you for years.

Other features of this fantastic metal detector tailor-made for treasure hunting include a 3-tone audio that’s perfect for anyone, 9 sensitivity settings as well as six discrimination settings in addition to custom notching.


So, what does the teknetics delta 4000 metal detector has to offer in terms of being the best in the business? Do I get anything special from the 8-inch concentric search coil? The answer to that last question is, not really—we’ll explain that later. However, aside from the concentric search coil, this is the perfect metal detector with a futuristic design for anyone looking to make metal detecting a lifetime hobby. The features it opffers are simply out of this space. You get to discriminate against junk metals with a whooping six levels of discrimination settings. You can also opt to use the custom notching setting so that you only dig for what you specifically want from the ground.

Another great advantage that actually gets mentioned a lot even in other Teknetics delta 4000 metal detector reviews is the sensitivity settings feature. Because it gets really tough to get the best metals especially when the soil is highly mineralized, adjusting the sensitivity helps a lot. For the Teknetics delta 4000 metal detectoryou can adjust the sensitivity up to nine settings. How awesome is that? Just make sure ou don’t overdo it though, otherwise you risk losing the depth and missing out on some very valuable metals that may be hidden deep into the ground.

So, how about the control box? Is it something special too? Absolutely yes! The control box offers both graphic and numeric target ID. This super great considering that this metal detector isn’t classified outside beginner metal detectors—as far as superiority is concerned. The graphic target ID is in itself a superior quality to any metal detector in that it gives a somewhat pictorial clue to the identified target. This makes it easy for a detectorist—especially a beginner—to understand the feedback given. When it comes to numeric target ID things get a bit complicated but better. Complicated because the user will have to learn the meaning of a range of numbers–usually between 1-99– in order to perfectly understand what it is they have found. It’s better because it’s more precise compared to graphic target ID.

Another great advantage that you get with this delta 4000 metal detector, is the battery life. The battery feature totally kills it and makes it a very convenient unit. It’s a single 9-volt battery that gives you 20 hours of battery life. The long battery life does not only make this detector convenient for you, but also saves you extra costs that would otherwise be spent buying battery replacements after only a few trips. It also saves you the embarrassment of having to cut short your metal hunting trips. After all, it’s not too much of a burden to carry a signle spare battery in case your unit runs out of juice.


As much as you get every detail taken care of and evry target identified for you with the teknetics delta 4000 metal detector, it also comes or doesn’t come with a few features that would have otherwise been perfect. For instance, the 8-inch concentric search coil that comes as standard isn’t really something special. Compared to other units it really doesn’t offer something much greater than any DD Pro-formance coil would offer. You can opt to buy a replacement and do away with the not-so-special coil for an advanced coil. Another disadvantage is the lack of the ground balance feature which in itself may mean too much junk in your inventory. You can opt to use the sensitivity feature here instead.


There you have it the Teknetics delta 4000 metal detector review. it’s always wise to read a review before you shop for an item. That way you avoid purchasing something that you may regret later. Most Teknetics delta metal detector reviews will not be as detailed as this one. If you are looking for the best prices then you should probably shop from Amazon where Teknetics metal detectors are found at very affordable prices. Follow the appropriate links given in this review to get the best deals in the market today. I hope you enjoyed reading this review and you have gained important tips from it.