Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Review

Now here’s a typical beginner metal detector. It doesn’t just take care of your physicality—by the fact that it’s very lightweight in design– it also makes sure that you get the maximum points when it comes to the whole process of metal detecting. It’s typical of Compadre metal detectors to adopt small unit designs. A Tesoro metal detector usually packs great features just like many other good detectors out there with the body design being meager. The Tesoro Compadre metal detector is one unit that also adopts that same body design. The settings on this device are simple and very easy to operate. For instance, this unit only comes with a single j=knob.
Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector
This Tesoro compadre metal detector review will take you through some of the simple yet amazing features of this product. We will then look at the advantages and disadvantages and also tell you where to find Tesoro metal detectors for sale. We will provide appropriate links so that you can easily shop from the site after reading the review. Note that there are different Tesoro metal detector products. You must have noticed this from Tesoro metal detector reviews on other sites or here. So, what are some of the features that make up the Tesoro Compadre metal detector?

Tesoro Compadre metal detector features

Just like the many Tesoro detectors, the Tesoro Compadre metal detector comes in a simple design with just a few noticeable features. One thing you’ll notice with this unit is the single knob that’s practically used to adjust different settings for the device. For instance, it adjusts item discrimination and the more you turn it the more items you isolate. It also comes in a tiny design weighing in at just 2.2lbs—great if you are looking for a hassle-free detector. It comes with an 8-inch round concentric search coil and uses a single 9-volt battery for its power supply. Basically that’s the composition of this metal detector that also comes at an affordable yet competitive price.


So, does the Tesoro Comapdre metal detector really have any advantages over other metal with seemingly more features? Can I really count on the single knob operation to yield me any treasures from underneath the ground? The answer to all these questions is a big “Yes.” This metal detector was build with the idea that less is more. It can work anywhere and yield similar results like its big compatriots. The one-knob operation as a matter of fact only serves to make things easier—no need for a sophisticated unit that’s gong to do pretty much the same thing only with complicated adjustments.

Another thing is that this metal detector is very ideal for beginners who are looking to get a foothold in metal detecting—it’s the perfect starter metal detector. It’s simply simple. Nothing more nothing less, just what the doctor ordered. By being lightweight in design, this compadre detector makes metal detecting a very easy task that doesn’t become too involving. It can be quite frustrating as a first-timer searching for metals and you just cant find anything. It’s even more frustrating if you cant get a hang of the metal detector you have taken with you to the hunting ground. Tesoro compadre thought to bring you this awesome unit for your first awesome day at metal detecting.

One might argue that with the control box being too tiny and offering nothing for the eye to see, it may just offer a bit of a challenge to any learner. Well, as much as this might be true—which is all metal detecting meant for (getting into challenges and solving them)—it’s still not a big deal and will in no way jeopardize your detecting mission. The Tesoro compadre works in a way that helps you slowly learn and master the technique. For instance, you’ll need to be patient and learn to differentiate between high-end metals and low-end metals—this might mean acquiring a lot of junk metals just as you start. Things get better with time.

For a beginner, affordability of any particular metal detector is always the number one characteristic of a potential metal detecting unit. The Tesoro Comapadre metal detector offers you just that. It’s true that there are many units that might be cheaper than this but you’ll have to compare the features and functionality before you can give them a safe pass. The Tesoro compadre is one safe unit at the same time. You don’t really get tired of swinging owing to its lightweight nature. This is really important especially when the detecting gets a little bit fun and you just can’t stop hunting.


As much as this Tesoro compadre review is meant to give you a positive outlook of this metal detector, we also can’t shy away from the disadvantage—even if they are just a few. The Tesoro compadre has one or two limitations that may concern you even though it’s nothing really damaging to be sincere. For instance, it can get really frustrating for the first time as you tend to pull out junk metals after junk metals. This is owed to the fact that the Tesoro Compadre really doesn’t have a superior target ID feature. However, as time moves by and metal detecting starts to be a bit fun, you’ll learn to differentiate between metals. Just pay attention to the tone sound.


Well, there you have it, the Tesoro compadre metal detector reviewed. You will have to take this unit out with you before you can fully judge what it can do for you. You can find very affordable units today depending on where you choose to buy them. Some people opt for used Tesoro metal detectors while others just go for a new Tesoro metal detector. If you are looking to buy your unit online—which is actually recommended because you can read Tesoro metal detectors reviews before you can shop for one—then Amazon is the best place for you. You can click on the appropriate links given here. All in all I hope this review was helpful and you finally know what to expect from the Tesoro Compadre metal detector.