Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector Review

One look at the Tesoro uMax metal detector and you get the impression that it may not be a perfect device for a serious metal detecting job. It looks really tiny. Can detector with such a tiny control box have any power? If you ask me, the answer is a big awesome yes! This Tesoro metal detector is by far superior to many generic metal detectors that are sometimes overpriced. It has a really nice solid built despite its somewhat meager weight. it’s packed with awesome features that make it a device worth beholding. Follow me in this Tesoro Silver uMax review to find out just how this unit can make a difference in your metal detecting endeavors.
Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector
Any veteran hobbyist will tell you that Tesoro metal detectors are made with quality and precision in mind. They tend to go very deep stay accurate and are usually lightweight. As if that were not enough, these units are well known and loved by many because they can put a lot of power in your hands. I’m sure if you have read Tesoro metal detector reviews there will always be a special mention of how much power you get with any Tesoro metal detector you choose to with. Today however, you may need to shift to Tesoro silver uMax reviews—such as this one—to find out more about this amazing product. Read on…

Tesoro Silver uMax metal detector features

The features of this metal detector are what will make you want to have it for your metal detecting adventure. This device is packed with awesome features that make it a powerful unit to own. One feature that’s quite obvious with this device is the 8-inch doughnut shaped concentric search coil which actually stays away from the normal web coil that comes as standard. The coil is colorful and really nicely designed.

Apart from the coil—which is magnificent by the way—this Tesoro metal detector packs other amazing features. This unit comes in a MicroMax design and uses a Microprocessor technology. It uses a low noise circuitry at 10 kHz accompanied with a drop in 9-volt battery. It comes with a push button battery test that enables you to test how far your power supply would go. It also has a built-in mineral rejection feature and a silent discriminate mode.


The Tesoro Silver uMax metal detector is the best choice you can ever make when it comes to selecting a device for your metal detecting escapades. Hobbyists and experts in this sector have always found it very affordable a long with the fact that it’s very easy to operate. This unit is very light and can therefore be used in any kind of terrain. This unit does not become useless even after years of searching and metal detecting. It maintains its power throughout its lifetime even though the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for it. It’s one of those Tesoro metal detectors that you’ll want to keep with you for a very long time.

Now, it’s always important that a metal detector has a good first impression. It helps you make a quick and easy decision. However, that’s something that may not necessarily apply to the Tesoro Silver uMax detector. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to ignore it thinking that it may not have the necessary features and settings required for a perfect treasure hinting adventure. This Tesoro metal detector is awesome and very accurate as it saves you the trouble of having to deal with junk. Besides, its 9-volt battery lasts longer than you would expect making you work uninterrupted.

This unit is very ideal for beginners who are looking to learn the real art of metal detecting. The fact that it doesn’t employ the use of digital output means that one has to figure out things themselves. This natures the patience, perseverance and intelligent decision-making. These values can be very helpful even in other areas of life especially when it comes to teenagers who are growing up. Apart from that the built in mineral rejection feature is something to behold. this means that you only get to dig the ground when there’s something worth digging for. Also, this unit comes at a very affordable price and would make a perfect first-time unit for anyone.


The Tesoro Silver uMax metal detector may be the best for the business especially when you are a stater but it has disadvantages worth mentioning. For instance, the fact that the ground balance feature cannot be adjusted means that you have to work with it even when things get a little tougher. However, you can always choose to work in areas that will not give you so much trouble. It’s also somewhat tough to get a hang of especially when it comes to differentiating between junk and real treasure. You can mitigate this problem by making more passes to get a stronger signal before you can start digging. You may also encounter problems for the first time dealing with soil mineralization. Just make sure you have set the mineral rejection feature appropriately.


There you have it, the Tesoro Silver uMax review. it’s a very nice detector to start with and can also make an affordable upgrade if you are an already established hobbyist. Going by the many Tesoro metal detectors reviews, a new Tesoro metal detector may sometimes look perfect but it’s also not a bad idea to get used Tesoro metal detectors. These products are always durable and viable for quite a long time.i hope this review has been helpful and you will use it to shop wisely. Amazon will give you some of the best deals for this device.