White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325 Review

If you are looking for a Whites metal detector review then you’ve landed at the right place. But today let’s look at the whites coinmaster metal detector model 800-0325. This is an awesome rugged multipurpose metal detector that comes in an easy to use design—easy because the device the device weighs just pounds and the design makes it very easy to handle. Whites metal detectors are known world-wide by metal detecting enthusiasts. They have been service people across all ages and are recommended for beginners and veterans alike. You will find this review helpful as you head over to the market for shopping.

White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325

Just as any metal detector out there this Whites metal detector is designed for the detection of metallic objects such as coins and jewelry. This model is loved by vacationers, jewelers and occasionally by homeowners who may feel the necessity of searching for their metallic wares. So, in order to fully explore this great device, we will look at the whites metal detector specs,–which will include whites detector parts—its advantages, disadvantages, as well as tell you where to find whites metal detectors for sale. You are lucky because you’ll be able to find the cheapest deals by following this review closely and keenly.

Whites coinmaster metal detector features

The whites coinmaster metal detector is a great hunting device for metals. The manufacturers of this product felt the need to equip it with incredible features in order to make things easy for those who chose to use it. Here are the Whites coinmaster metal detector features;

Display: This White metal detector comes with a large LCD monitor that displays the identified targets as well as the depth of these targets. Sometimes this information is accompanied by voice prompts.

Target discrimination: This Whites metal detector has a Five-Range Discrimination that is also adjustable to filter out unwanted details and only display what is required.

Weight: This metal detector only weighs in at just 2.5 pounds.

Power output: The Whites coinmaster metal detector uses 2 9-volt batteries.

Dimensions: This model measures 44 inches by 9.5 inches by 12 inches. It also comes with a claibratin system that allows for depth-reading and allows for easy tracking of items.

Water Range: This metal detector can be used under water to discover metals because of it’s waterproof search coil that can be used 9 inches below the water surface.

Detection: This detector has a powerful target ID feature that can hear and even see targets. It’s equipped with a Pinpoint or All-Metal-Mode feature that also makes identifying items an easy task.


Before I mention why this particular metal detector is so great, I should probably mention that the manufacturer—White’s—always packs their units with awesome features. Though some of their devices look a little over-the-hill, they have proven to be quite useful to detectorists. This particular model is best suited for coinshooting, some jewelry searching here and there and also finding some aged cache hidden within the earth. Here’s why you will need to get yourself the Whites coinmaster metal detector if you need to find some coins and jewelry.

What will you do with a metal detector with a pinpoint or All-Metal –Mode feature? With this Whites metal detector model, you can easily hit metallic targets. LCD screen is like no other, apart from displaying clearly visible information, you can see where and how far to dig before you can find your identified precious metals.

Now, there’s always emphasis placed on a metal detector’s design. Experts will tell you that you need to have a unit with unique compactness as well as being lightweight. Well, the Whites, coinmaster metal detector comes in a compact, light portable design that makes it very easy to use even when you feel like spending several hours metal detecting. You will easily dispatch it to the area that you need to search for treasure. With this unit, you also get to take it with you to the each for some treasure searching there. This is because it has a waterproof search coil that can work even when submerged up to 9 inches into the water.

How about the control mechanisms? Are they friendly and easy to use, or will get baffled with the interfaces? Well, you are never going to find a metal detector that has easy to understand control mechanism. For this reason, this unit has been found to be very useful to novice hobbyists. Intermediate level users can easily upgrade to this unit as well as experts who have also stayed faithful to the White’s metal detectors. This metal detector also makes it easy to hunt for hidden treasures as it can actually enable you to hear and see targets using the 3-tone audio and adjustable sensitivity. It will also automatically sense metals in the ground using the GT capability feature.


With this Whites metal detector things work out really fine until you need to metal detect in an area that is rampant with trash. It doesn’t make your task easy. This is because it has a slow recovery time—which just means that once you discover a metal junk with it, it takes a few seconds of your time before you can find something else. Now, this is the major failing of this unit. However, you can still mitigate this flaw by sweeping at a steady pace even in areas with a lot of trash. Otherwise, you’ll really enjoy going out there with this device even if it’s just for the very first time in your quest to metal detect.


There you have it, the white’s coinmaster metal detector fully reviewed. of course you’ll benefit more from the customer reviews that are genuine. These can be found by shopping online from trusted sites like Amazon. There you can easily find what people shop and how they like their experiences. Nonetheless, I hope this review has been of great help in your quest to find the best metal detector for your metal detecting job. You can click on the links given here for the best of deals.