Microwave Oven Reviews To Help You Find The Best Microwave For Your Needs and Budget

Our Microwave Oven Reviews section is where you’ll find in-depth reviews, ratings, & guidance to find the best Microwave Ovens for your budget and design needs.

If you’re shopping for a new microwave oven, you’ve probably found the range of models and options to be overwhelming. Our Microwave Oven Reviews can help you a lot. Do you want to purchase a countertop or over-the range model? What is the best size and power capacity to best meet your needs?

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Our Microwave Oven Reviews Explain the Different Types of Microwaves

Which features should you look for from your new microwave oven? Our microwave oven reviews help you to determine which unit that best fits your needs and budget. You should find out which type of microwave you want first. Then read the reviews for the best of that type.


Maytag over-the-range microwave oven

Over-the-range microwaves are convenient machines to have in your kitchen.

The ventilation hood eliminates any confusion while you’re cooking on your stove or in your oven. Most models have fans that begin naturally when they sense an excess of warmth or dirtied air.

Their components and usefulness make them the cream of the product of over-the-range microwave ovens.

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Microwave Features

Most advanced microwave ovens offer sensor cooking in some shape. This implies the apparatus detects dampness to figure out whether your sustenance is cooking appropriately and makes temperature conformity to complete the occupation. Some more up to date over-the-range microwaves likewise play out the elements of a moment convection oven, so you can prepare, dish and cook appropriate in the microwave.

Many additionally incorporate offer a liberal inside limit that permit you to warm a gathering of plates in the meantime. In the event that leftovers are on the menu for your family, you won’t need to shape a line. You can all get together in the meantime. Some over-the-range microwave ovens permit you to postpone begin times and bolt the controls so youngsters can’t change the settings. We searched for these propelled highlights, and additionally for regular things like turntables, cavity lights and power level decisions.

Vent Features

The best over-range microwave oven hoods offer quality vent works notwithstanding quality microwave highlights. A decent vent has a solid wind current limit; the best in our lineup can deal with up to 400 cubic feet for each moment. A quality vent offers various fan speeds, and many begin consequently when they distinguish an excess of warmth from the cooktop. We additionally searched for over-the-range microwaves that shroud the vents – or if nothing else make them look smooth and appealing.


The stovetop, oven and inherent microwave truly become the overwhelming focus in your kitchen’s stylistic layout. We searched for units that arrive in an assortment of hues and highlight appealing outlines. Certain outline components, as diverse presentations, can likewise add to usefulness. Retires or racks are profitable augmentations. A cooktop light is additionally standard and helpful. It additionally is useful to have the capacity to kill the turntable on the off chance that you are cooking an especially overwhelming dish.

Guarantee and Support

We searched for makers that remain behind their over-the-range microwave ovens with strong guarantees and client benefit. While it’s far-fetched you’ll buy a unit from the producer itself, if there is any indication of inconvenience or you have a question, the first creator ought to be an extraordinary wellspring of data and help through its site, client benefit delegates and guarantees.

An over-the-range microwave oven can spare you time, counter space and inconvenience by going up against the employment of two machines. The ones that do both employments the best offer strong elements no matter how you look at it and look dazzling in your kitchen.


As we took a gander at different countertop microwaves, a few components came into thought. Convenience is constantly vital; many top-line models attempt to awe you with endless alternatives, however they risk overpowering the client and being loaded down with unimportant “extravagant accessories.” in the meantime, an assortment of choices are ideal, giving the microwave flexibility and value in an extensive variety of settings.

With this rundown, you’ll discover a determination of value microwaves for any financial plan and your decision of extraordinary components. On the off chance that you realize what highlights you have to suit your family’s cooking propensities, making a keen buy will be considerably less demanding. Check out the link below to read our countertop microwave oven reviews.

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Panasonic built-in microwave oven

Built-in microwaves are like ledge microwave ovens. In any case, instead of occupying a space on the counter, they are a piece of a kitchen’s general outline, as other vast apparatuses. Built-in microwaves include prevalent over-the-range models, which are mounted over a stovetop run and include components of the stove’s ventilation instrument.

Built-in microwaves can likewise mount on the divider by slotting in the middle of capacity cabinets. With a matching entryway overlay, cabinet-mounted microwaves mix into the cabinet outline. Another built-in microwave alternative is a model that swings from a cabinet, leaving free counter space beneath it for capacity or working.

Favorable circumstances

Built-in microwaves have a considerable lot of an indistinguishable focal points from ledge models additionally give you extra space in your kitchen. This may imply that you can install a microwave with a bigger interior limit regardless of the possibility that your counters are excessively slender or you can’t, making it impossible to surrender counter space for a bigger model. At the point when finished with matching materials, built-in microwaves give a kitchen a more finished look. Like different microwaves, built-in models are an effective, helpful approach to cook and warm nourishment. There are no open blazes and no compelling reason to install a characteristic gas line as with a gas stove.


Built-in microwaves require a more intricate installation prepare than ledge models. This makes them inappropriate for a few settings, for example, apartments, office kitchens and leased spaces. The cost of installation may make a built-in microwave cost-restrictive. The best time to install a built-in microwave is during a kitchen redesign or when the house is first built.


Other than the cost and trouble of installation, built-in microwaves have huge numbers of an indistinguishable disadvantages from different sorts of microwave ovens. Much bigger built-in microwaves might not have enough internal space to warmth more than maybe a couple little plates, even with a rack that grows the usable space.

Since microwaves warm the water content in nourishment, they aren’t a powerful method for heating or cooking dry sustenances, and they may bring about different nourishments to change surfaces. Finally, built-in microwaves speak to an additional cost in the kitchen in spite of the way that apparatuses, for example, an oven and stovetop can perform large portions of similar capacities. Click the link below to read our built-in microwave oven reviews.

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Samsung convection microwave oven

Convection microwaves offer the speedy cooking components of a microwave with the searing, crisping, and full “cook-through” of a conventional oven. Rather than simply warming within the sustenance (as consistent microwaves do), a convection microwave likewise tans and cooks the outside of your nourishment. Logically, standard microwaves radiate waves that ricochet around until they interact with sustenance, bringing about water particles to energize and create warm, which then cooks the nourishment.

Conversely, convection oven innovation utilizes a fan to drive air development and warmth up the full inside of the microwave to cook nourishment from the back to front. That is the reason you can utilize convection microwaves to heat and dish things that would some way or another be cooked too rapidly (and not altogether) with only a general microwave. You can click link below to read our Convection microwave oven reviews.

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Why Microwave Oven Reviews Can Be Helpful

If you want to get more familiar with microwaves, considered to be among the top-rated appliances to have in your home, check out our Freezer Buying Guide.

Once upon a time, all microwave ovens were nearly identical—basic appliances which thaws frozen hamburger, reheated leftovers, and popped popcorn in only a couple of minutes. They enjoyed a reputation of offering quick convenience but not much more; nowadays, it’s believed that 90% of American homes own a microwave oven and there are several types of these appliances.

We took a gander at an extensive variety of over-the-range microwaves at an assortment of costs. They can be estimated anywhere in the range of $200 to $900, and the upper range, by and large, is reasonable on account of the stunning capacities of the machines.

Microwaves Are So Useful

Numerous over-the-counter microwave oven models are intended to make you disregard your oven and stovetop, in light of the fact that these microwaves prepare cakes, steam vegetables, and warm or cook for all intents and purposes anything. We took a gander at microwave ovens that do the customary obligations of a microwave well, while including an incredible ventilation framework for your stovetop. We took a gander at the accompanying classifications in our examination:

When shopping for a new microwave oven, many people will simply try to find a nice looking model that will look great in their kitchen.  Others will look mainly at the overall rating of the microwave oven that they are considering. That latter method can be very helpful. However, it is better to research a little deeper and read plenty of reviews on the various microwave ovens. Reading reviews provides a better understanding of the positive and negative aspects of each model.

Microwave Oven Reviews For The Loner

Microwave oven reviews can be useful for people that are unsure about what model would be the best them. This is especially true if the person that is shopping for a microwave oven does not have any family member or personal friends that can make educated suggestions as to which one should be purchased.

Reading reviews written by people with first hand experience with the different models of microwave ovens is ideal. Almost as good as testing all of them in person. The reviews should contain a list of things that was liked or disliked about the microwave.

The reviewer should include some tips or advice as to how they came to the conclusion that they did. If they had found the perfect microwave oven for their needs, what made it perfect? Maybe a model of microwave oven worked great for cooking large amounts of food for their big family. Maybe it had a lot of preset buttons. Cooking certain items to perfection automatically, such as a popcorn or beverage button.

The reviews should elaborate on the negative aspects of a certain model of microwave ovens. Stating such things as popcorn always burned when they used the preset button on their model.

Finding reviews on microwave ovens is a very simple task. This is especially true for anyone that has access to a computer with internet service. A search for reviews can be performed by typing in the words “microwave oven reviews”. Or you can just type “Microwave Reviews” or “best microwaves”.

Where To Find More Microwave Reviews

Among the sites that will come up in the search will be manufacturer web sites and general customer rating sites. Reading reviews from both types of sites is helpful. Reviews on a manufacturers’s site is bias most of the time. The reviews on manufacturer’s web sites are normally shared because of their positive comments. They most-likely would not have made it to the web site if they were very negative.

This happens as part of marketing the microwave ovens. It would be bad publicity to have many negative comments about a product that they are trying to sell. This results in customers to shopping elsewhere.