Best Over-The-Range Microwave Ovens For Your Needs & Budget

Our Over the Range Microwave Reviews section is where you’ll find in-depth reviews & ratings to find the best Over The Range Microwave Ovens to Meet Your needs.

A microwave oven will definitely add spice to your kitchen. Looking for a new over the range microwave oven can be confusing – our over the range microwave reviews will guide you in choosing the right microwave features that will ensure that the money you paid for it is worth it.

Maytag over-the-range microwave oven

Best Over-The-Range Microwave Ovens

Below you will find our list of the top-rated over the range microwaves, then you will find brief reviews of each individual unit below the comparison table.

Our Top-Rated Over The Range Microwave Ovens

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Over The Range Microwave Oven Reviews: Summary

Whirlpool WMH31017AW Over-The-Range Microwave

If you want to save space, this microwave is a great option for you. It’s easy to mount and install, and it’s just as simple to use.

Whirlpool WMH31017AW Over-The-Range Microwave

With its low price, it’s a budget-friendly option that can make your kitchen more functional, as well as create a less cluttered look.

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Sharp R-1406 Over-the-Range Microwave

Cook, reheat, and defrost with ease with this microwave that has multiple built-in functions for ease of use.

Sharp R-1406 Over-the-Range Microwave

This space-saving option offers many different features, including a variety of cooking settings and a three-way vent system.

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Sharp R-1880LS Over-the-Range Microwave Convection Oven

Your kitchen will look fabulous after you install this model from Sharp.

Sharp R-1880LS Over-the-Range Microwave Convection Oven

Not only will it add an extra bit of style with its clean and modern stainless steel design, but it also allows you to broil, crisp, heat, and so much more with just the touch of a button.

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Over-the-Range microwaves, also known as OTRs, are microwave ovens that are mounted above a range. These are most commonly used in kitchens where cabinets are mounted above the range. Using sturdy brackets on the wall and under the cabinets, the microwave is mounted safely in place.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Microwave Oven Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Microwave Ovens for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one the Best Built In Microwave Ovens, one of the Best Convection Microwave Ovens, or one of the Best Countertop Microwave Ovens as alternatives.

This puts it directly at eye level, so it’s easier to use. Because it is mounted, it also doesn’t take up valuable counter space, leaving you with more room for prepping food.

What are the Different Types?

If you want extra space in your kitchen, an over-the-range microwave may be just what you’re looking for. There are a two different types on the market for your consideration, traditional over-the-range microwaves and convection microwaves.

Traditional OTRs – These are basic microwave ovens that can be used for cooking, heating, and defrosting. They are available in different finishes and may have multiple functions, lights, and vents. These are similar to any countertop microwave, and the only difference is how it is mounted.

Convection OTRs – If you want to get more out of your microwave, choose a convection option. These advanced appliances allow you to broil, toast, and cook your food to perfection using a convection heating system. Convection OTRs provide you with more functions, but they are typically more expensive than traditional microwaves.

What are the advantages of owning an OTR Microwave?

If you have a smaller kitchen, an over-the-range microwave will help save space. Most OTRs also have built-in lights, as well as ventilation options that can be used while cooking on your range. OTRs allow you to easily heat and prepare food in just minutes, so they’re extremely convenient. They aren’t just functional, though.

Many modern kitchens have over-the-range microwaves that enhance the décor. Matching ranges and OTRs in black, white, or stainless finishes are functional and stylish.


Whether you’re replacing an old, outdated microwave with a more modern model or you want to enjoy having extra counterspace, over-the-range microwaves are certainly worth considering. You want to make sure that you purchase an appliance that will get the most use in your kitchen, so before you buy, think about these key features for each model that catches your eye.

It is better to have the microwave above the range to accommodate easy warming and heating of foods. If you do have the microwave placed above a powerful range, it should have enough ventilation or else you’ll ruin the kitchen with grease getting all over the place. It is advisable then to buy a top of the line over the range microwave.

The over the range microwave is offered as a conventional or convection microwave oven. A conventional microwave emits radiant heat to let us brown, grill and roast foods while a convection microwave oven has an extra fan aside from the heat it emits. The result will be speedier cooking and juicier roasts and crunchy pizzas.

There are models that have special pans in making the bread and bacon crisp. Microwave ovens of this kind are a bit more expensive than conventional ovens. They also vary in size – they have models that have extra capacity that can accommodate even a super sized pizza.

Our over the range microwave reviews show that you should look for an over the range microwave that has a cooktop/night light, exhaust fan and kitchen timer. The cooktop/night light is usually a 30 watt bulb that illuminates the oven and the exhaust fan disseminates the smoke, especially in those times when grease is splattered all over the oven. You can refer to our over the range microwave reviews in choosing those that are auto touch with preprogrammed buttons – this will make it easier for you to reheat precooked meals, and heat water or popcorn. There are kid’s meal buttons that are preprogrammed for baby foods and quick to cook meals. There are also powerful level settings that will allow you to choose different kinds of cooking methods at certain levels. Choose microwave ovens that have turntables to allow even cooking for all your meals.

If you are planning on purchasing a microwave, consider reading our over the range microwave reviews for a list of features on safety and the ease of using them. This type of microwave might make things more difficult for people who are shorter in height, but with a wide range of models and designs that come in a variety of colors and styles the over the range microwave is the best choice only because it is the latest high end appliance for your kitchen.

These days, over the range microwave ovens are rapidly turning into the default cooking apparatus in numerous American kitchens. Let’s be honest, we live in a quick paced world, and microwaves make it easy to cook sustenances rapidly.

The over the range microwave oven is a most loved with individuals who need to give their microwave oven the regard and appropriate situating it merits.

Rather than arranging your microwave on the counter, taking up significant counter space, an over the range microwave gets introduced specifically over your standard stovetop/oven mix. That implies that you can without much of a stretch get to, and utilize your over the range microwave while you are additionally cooking with your standard range-style oven.

What to Look For

Obviously, in case you’re prepared to at long last free up that profitable counter space and get an over the range microwave, you’ll need to settle on the best purchasing choice. That implies you require the truths about what makes an over the range microwave the best in its class. You’ll need to watch out for a couple key components when you are looking for your OTR microwave, so we’ve put a couple purchaser’s tips together for you ideal here.

Ensure the over the range microwave you pick is:

  • Large Enough
  • Powerful Enough
  • Easy to Install

Cooking Capacity

On the off chance that you anticipate utilizing your over the range microwave for more than popping popcorn, you’ll need to get one that has a lot of cooking limit. Most over the range microwaves are worked to handle bigger nourishment things, yet sizes do fluctuate. On the off chance that cooking limit matters to you, and you need an over the range microwave with a lot of room, get one that offers no less than 1 cubic foot of cooking limit. This is the absolute minimum, yet attempt to guarantee that the model you pick offers at any rate that much space.

Cooking Power

It ought to abandon saying, yet all microwaves are not made similarly with regards to cooking power. Since a great many people cook with microwaves to spare time, it just bodes well that the over the range microwave you pick ought to be all the more capable, so it cooks sustenances rapidly. It’s a smart thought to ensure that the over the range microwave show you pick offers you no less than 800 watts of cooking force, so you can cook bigger dishes rapidly.

Ease Of Installation

Keep in mind, your new over the range microwave oven should be introduced. Most models take into consideration simple establishment, however look at some over the counter microwave surveys to ensure that the model you pick is known for offering inconvenience free establishment. You may need to get a circuit tester to introduce a hard-wired model, so think ahead before you purchase, and be set up to get the assistance of an expert installer if the model you pick requires a multifaceted establishment.

Final Thoughts

Remember these essential realities as you search for the best over the range microwave oven. You’ll cherish having your over the range microwave up front with your customary oven. That way you can have one focal area in your kitchen to do the greater part of your cooking at, rather than running forward and backward between the two ovens. In addition, with an over the range microwave you’ll free up more counter space to make your kitchen look less swarmed and to make space for other machines.