Frigidaire Gallery Convection Over-The-Range Microwave Oven Review

Over-the-range microwaves are perfect for smaller kitchens, apartments, and homes with limited counter space. Rather than sitting on the countertop like traditional microwaves, they are designed to hang above the full sized stove.

Trim kits are often used to cover the cracks around the microwave, so it appears to have been built directly into the kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen, the Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel microwave will fit right in and blend perfectly with your décor.

Frigidaire Gallery Convection Over-The-Range Microwave Oven
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Depending where you shop, you can often find it offered in kitchen packages, as it blends well with other stainless steel and black appliances.

Yet, looks are not everything, right? If you are wondering what you get under the hood with the Frigidaire Gallery microwave, here are the details:

  • 1.5 cubic feet of cooking space inside the oven
  • Convection heating up to 450 degrees
  • One-touch digital control panel
  • Sensor technology for standard cooking needs
  • Included rack for convection baking
  • Stainless steel inside and out
  • 900 watts of power

This list of features may not seem very impressive if you have been reading a lot of microwave reviews for products that offer a ton of advanced features. Yet, the features that are offered on this Frigidaire microwave are representative of some of the best modern features available on the market today. These features can make cooking much easier and faster in your daily life.

1.5 cubic feet of space is more than adequate for most cooking jobs, though some microwaves are now offering up to 2.0 cubic feet of space. This is still enough room to cook in larger sized dishes that may not fit in many smaller countertop microwaves.

The convection heating option allows your microwave to operate much like your standard oven, but the microwave will not put out as much heat as your larger oven puts out. You can bake cookies or roast meat in this microwave, or perform many other baking and heating tasks that would typically not be done in a microwave. Convection microwave settings heat from all angles to get even, consistent cooking results just like larger ovens.

The one feature that may present itself as a drawback is the power level. This is a 900 watt microwave, which is a bit lower in power than many competitors from other brands selling within the same price range. This does not mean that it will not perform the tasks you want it to perform. It just means that this microwave may require a bit more time to heat some foods than would be required from a microwave with more power.

You have to compare this Frigidaire microwave to other microwave reviews before making your final decision. Make sure to compare it to more powerful microwaves that have similar features, to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. If you do not mind waiting a bit longer to have your food cooked, especially on the convection setting, then this may still be the best microwave for your kitchen.

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Just remember that when comparing it with other microwaves, make sure you are comparing to other over-the-range models. Not all microwaves are designed to be suspended up in the air while operating. Click here for more information including current pricing and availability at our favorite supplier.