GE Profile Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Oven Review

A shiny stainless steel convection microwave oven with stylish black accents, which is designed to hang over the kitchen stove. What more could you ask for in your modern kitchen? While you can purchase this microwave in black or white, the stainless steel option is by far the most popular for modern kitchens.

GE Profile Over-The-Range Convection Microwave
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While the appearances are what you first notice, this stainless steel microwave oven from GE offers a lot more than just sleek styling. Beyond the front door and the warm style it brings to your kitchen, it will become a best friend that helps you keep delicious, well cooked food coming to the table.

Of course, this is one of the pricier convection microwaves out there, so you will need to compare its features to similar convection ovens to make sure you are making the right move for your kitchen. To get the process started, here is a convenient list of all the best features offered on the GE Profile convection oven:

  • 1.7 cubic feet of interior cooking space
  • 4 cooking options, including convection heating and Fast Bake setting
  • Halogen light can be turned on or off
  • 3 speed exhaust fan
  • Scrolling LCD control panel
  • English and Spanish settings
  • 10 levels of power
  • 2 racks with fixed positions
  • 13.6 inch glass turntable
  • 7 intuitive sensor settings
  • Add 30 second option
  • Dial to add cooking time
  • 1,000 watts of power

This list of features is a bit longer than you will find on many other microwave ovens, which shows how much thought GE has put into this convection oven. It is designed to hang over the range and work along with your full sized stove. The three convection heating selections allow you to get evenly cooked food that tastes just as if it came out of the full sized stove, but without pumping all of that heat into your home. The microwave also uses less electricity while in operation, so it is a good way to save money over using the full sized oven all the time.

The most impressive feature on this list is probably the 1,000 watts of power. This is a bit higher than many other mid-to-high priced microwave ovens with convection heating. This means this microwave may work a bit faster when heating up meat, casseroles, and when operating in the convection oven capacity.

The Fast Bake setting is also quite impressive, as it is something not seen on all competing microwave ovens. The microwave comes with two racks that are great for baking, but keep in mind that they are not adjustable. You have to keep them in the positions and heights that are designed in.

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This is a very impressive microwave oven, especially if you are looking for something in stainless steel designed to hang over your kitchen oven. You will find cheaper convection over-the-range microwaves in stainless steel, but many do not have all of the features offered on this GE model. It is definitely worth doing your price comparisons and reading other microwave reviews for similar competing models. This will ensure that you get the best deal on the best microwave oven for your kitchen. Click here to find pricing and availability at our favorite online supplier.