Sharp R-1874 Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Oven Review

The Sharp R-1874 over-the-range convection microwave oven is ideal for those who want a more traditional appearance without giving up the advanced microwave technology available today.

Sharp R-1874 Over-The-Range Convection Microwave
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If you want a microwave that will make meal preparation and baking easier than ever, but which fits into your traditional or country style kitchen, this is a great option to consider. It might also work well in a modern kitchen, due to the styling of stainless steel.

Just what are these advanced features that make the R-1874 convection oven so desirable? Here is a list of the most important features, so you can see the value in one snapshot:

  • Multi-tasks so you get more done in the kitchen
  • Spacious interior
  • Carousel turntable with on/off setting
  • Well lit, easy to read digital display
  • 12 convection heating/reheating settings
  • Intuitive sensor technology
  • Multi-level racks for various cooking and baking functions

These features are obviously very different from what you would get with a standard microwave oven. The microwaves your mother used when you were a child would reheat leftovers, but not with the convection reheat settings offered on this Sharp microwave oven. The microwaves your mother used when you were a child had turntables, but they could not be shut off to stop rotating when needed. Obviously, you get a lot of advanced technology when you go with an over-the-range oven designed for the modern kitchen.

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Yet, what really sets this microwave apart from those you may have used growing up, is the ability to do much more than standard heating, reheating and defrosting. This machine will also grill, roast, and bake. You can make cookies in the microwave and they will taste just as they would out of the big oven. You can even get that grilled texture, without actually heading outdoors and lighting up the coals.

With so many functions beyond heating up last night’s leftovers, you will use this convection oven a lot more often than you would use a standard microwave. It will be invaluable when preparing large meals and timing everything to hit the table hot and at the same time.

The twelve convection heating settings also make the Sharp R-1874 microwave more efficient and useful than standard microwaves. Convection heating sprays the heat from all angles, so your food is not heated more around the edges or on the top than it is in the middle or on the bottom. If you grew up eating food that was half nuked dry, and half cold, you know the importance of convection heating. You get even heating, so there are no disgusting cold spots to bite into.

The convection heating settings are partially for reheating, so you can guarantee that your leftovers will be just as well cooked as your frozen and fresh foods.

You also get advanced technology in the form of intuitive sensor settings. This simply refers to those convenient buttons already labeled with your favorite foods, such as “popcorn.” If you want popcorn, you hit that button and the intuitive technology sets the oven up for a perfect popping session. You never have to worry about that burnt taste in your popcorn again!

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