Sharp R-1880LS Over-the-Range Microwave Convection Oven Review

Sharp R-1880LS Over-the-Range Microwave Convection Oven – Best Over-the-Range Microwave Overall

If you want many different cooking options in your microwave, you’ll find everything you need on this stainless steel model from Sharp. This microwave allows you to do more than just pop a bag of popcorn or reheat your leftovers. It also functions as a convection oven, so you can bake, brown, crisp, broil, and roast your favorite foods with ease.

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Sharp R-1880LS Over-the-Range Microwave Convection Oven
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This OTR is equipped with a vented range hood, built-in hood light, and a fan. It has a ceramic turntable that can be turned off or on with just the push of a button. It also comes with a high rack and a low rack so you can heat your food perfectly every time. It has an interactive 2-color display, and the display can be changed to Spanish or English.


  • It functions as a convection oven
  • It has one-touch features
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easy to install
  • It looks modern and stylish
  • It is backed with a warranty
  • It offers more features than basic microwaves


  • It is very heavy, so installation may require two or more people
  • It is more expensive than many other Over-the-Range microwaves


This top-of-the-line OTR has a durable and modern stainless steel finish that coordinates beautifully with other stainless appliances.


With a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet, this is smaller than the other microwaves on this list, but it still provides plenty of cooking space.

Ease of installation

This microwave comes with everything you need for installation, and installation instructions are detailed and easy to follow. At over 70 pounds, it is one of the heavier OTRs available, so assistance with lifting helps prevent injury to yourself or damage to your appliances.


With a retail price of just under $600, this is one of the more expensive models currently on the market. However, it does offer many different options not found on basic models, so if you plan to use your microwave a lot, the extra expense may be worthwhile.


Microwaves have made cooking in our kitchens more convenient than ever. If you use your microwave often, you can’t go wrong by purchasing the Sharp R-1880LS. Not only does the over-the-range design free up extra space in your kitchen, but it looks great when installed over your range.

With so many cooking options, including convection cooking, this microwave can double as a second oven without having to spend thousands of dollars on a double oven. The heating is consistent, the size is just right, and the stainless steel and black glass design enhances the look of any modern kitchen.