Can A Chat Log Be Hacked

I am curious about this because I think that my boss is trying to do this. He is involved in this rather nasty feud with another executive in the corporation, both of them are convinced that the other is out to get them and I guess that it is true.

I was talking to the IT guy today and he was talking about how the guy was interested in some sort of whatsapp hacking software. He is trying to figure out if he has a spy in his shop, because he is convinced that some person in the department is selling him out to the rival.

I doubt that this is the case, but just because you are paranoid does not mean that you do not have enemies. He certainly has a lot of enemies, in fact many of them arise from the fact that he behaves irrationally because he is involved in this nonsense. It causes a lot of people to be afraid of him, because they think he is nuts.

In fact being nuts probably does not stop you from being good at what he does and the guy is good at his job. The problem is that his job is to also manage other people who have to do stuff and he is letting his foibles get in the way of that.

He is like you read about Josef Stalin or other dictators who are obsessed with maintaining their own power. Obviously we are talking about a very small amount of power relative to being dictator over one of the largest countries in the entire world, but the paranoia is similar.

The difference is that he does not get to kill and imprison every person who he thinks is some sort of threat to his position in the company.