You strike me as someone who is well versed in the "hip-hop." Please tell me...what's up with that blow/air horn that the "hip-hop" rapper people play in the middle of their songs? Does it mean something? I would include a link to an example, but tumblr is dumb and doesn't let me.
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I’m flattered and baffled that you came to me with this, but just using what my brain knows and not the google machine I’d assume that Top 40 artists get behind an airhorn because it gives the song more of a “club feel” (a la MTV Spring Break… lots of The Grind chicks getting sweaty to it). It evokes Drake for me. It evokes Eminem trying to relaunch his career.

The airhorn is also a prompt to get you to pay attention to whatever comes before and after it in the song, which is a handy hallmark/signature for artists like Jason Derulo who are very easily interchangeable with one another and praying for a career that lasts longer than one album. I realize he’s not hip-hop, but the point still stands. “THIS IS A JASOOOON DERULO SOOONG. MY NAME IS JASSOOON DERULO. IF IT’S IN THE LYRICS MAYBE YOU’LL REMEMBER THAT I’M NOT CHRIS BROWN OR BRUNO MARS BWABWABWABWAAAAA.”

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  1. helllord said: the one in question is actually a signature of j.r. rotem, the dude writing all those songs. receipts on his wiki (last paragraph of ‘career’). jason derulo’s got nothin’ to do with the horn, but dude loves his own name either way.
  2. meltingplatinum said: I never really noticed it before but now I’ll probably giggle every time I hear it
  3. esilva75 said: The air horn is like a hunters duck call. “quack! quack!”
  4. phenthouse said: Thank you.
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