HEY! So I don't want to sound like an obsessed teenager or anything buuut.... I really like my friend and he's been getting really close with me lately...I don't now if I should tell him how I feel. I'm afraid to scare him away! I'm not very good at expressing my feelings without coming across as creepy. I figure you have more experience with this sort of thing so do you think you could maybe help me out a little? Thanks so much!!!

The actual most attractive thing in the world is sincerity. If you feel like you come off as creepy to people, it’s probably because you’re psyching yourself out and feel like you have to perform when you talk to people about your feelings. Just keep it frank, keep it short, say the thing you mean in the best, fewest words possible.

In this case, maybe, “I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with you and I like you, man.”

OR, if you’re nervous, let him know! Open with, “This makes me nervous, but…”

This dude’s your friend, he’ll get it.

And if he doesn’t, on to the next.

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  1. etrangere said: disagree, dude. sincerity scares the shit out of some people.
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