Just thought I’d come clean and let everyone know I googled chameleons pretty heavily yesterday trying to decide whether I’d want one of my own.

The same way that you try on a pair of Mudd Jeans with stripes down the side the week before school starts even though they definitely would’ve been “too loud” for you last year. Fuck it, man. Seventh grade you is edgy.

I wanted to know if I could be a chameleon chick.

It turns out I don’t want to own one cause I have no desire to deal with feeder crickets in my Young Adult Contemporary Lifestyle, but just know that she’s in there. Dormant. Chameleonlover.

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  3. buytoiletpaper said: It’s because of those cute mitten-y hands/feet and those big roll-y eyes, right? Amiright?
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  6. yourpretendfriend said: Also chameleons are super fragile and hard to care for, like they can die of shock if they get stressed out.
  7. lovelymissjenna said: Def had the Mudd jeans with th baby blue and white stripes down the side. I was a kick ass 8th grader. With my oversized Gap hoodie. V cool
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