I’ve had a cold this week and, during the throat-hurtier parts of the experience, have partaken in soda to ease the pain. I googled my strat the other night to understand the science behind it and found that nobody anywhere was talking about soda (specifically root beer and ginger ale) as a sore throat remedy. Here’s my theory:

All of the acids and syrups and red 43s that are in there and your doctor tells you are going to eventually burn a hole through your [vital internal organ] and fuck up your tooth enamel are also very handy at cutting through that nasty river of post-nasal drip you have careening down the back of your throat day and night. So when you sip that sweet, sweet poison, it fucks up the flow for a little bit and gives your throat a break from the barrage of mucus your nose is diverting into your stomach. It’s like drinking paint thinner, kind of. Or dish soap.

I’m not an MD, but I think that makes pretty good sense. And now maybe someone will google “soda sore throat remedy” or “drink soda when I have a sore throat” and this very important blog post will show up for them.

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  2. kattnip said: Orange juice and sprite for a fake mimosa acidity kick to the mucus
  3. fatbottompurls said: I do this exact thing when I’m sick. I’ll only drink things that will burn the crap out of my throat. I thought I was a weirdo! YAY!
  4. alliejanecompton said: ginger ale is my homeboy
  5. prettynitsrik said: I agree!
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  7. profoundbusiness said: There was a Caroline in the City episode about the magic healing power of ginger ale. I believe you!
  8. khaleimarie said: I drink Dr. Pepper when my throat hurts…same concept plus it says Dr. in the title so, you know…that’s a thing, right?
  9. ribses said: I’ve also found tea that would normally be too hot for me to drink feels wonderful going down a sore throat. Pain cancelling out pain? Have we just solved the Middle East, here?
  10. the--kel--smith said: Ok. Now explain why beer felt so good on my mouth sores when I had Hand, Foot and Mouth
  11. edgarsucks said: Same. Also see: doritos.
  12. joaniepepperoni said: yep I always drink pop when I have a sore throat because one time my friends mom made me pour coke down her sink drain when it was clogged. same logic.
  13. caseydonahue said: The good root beers, not like the Pepsi brand Root beer, but like the real stuff is generally not that bad for you, it’s the most natural of sodas and also it’s fucking delicious and my root beer movie comes out in a couple of weeks so this is an ad.
  14. bitchierhoggle said: I murdered some strep throat with White Russians once, I mean whatever works for you, right?
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