it's my first semester of college, and i'm having a hard time. it's not school that's challenging, really, it's more the adjustment from high school life to college life that's depressing me. so, i guess my question is, when does college start getting easier/fun?

This is entirely you-specific. As in, I can’t solve it based on the information given.

My first semester of college I had a ton of fucking fun because my insides were overjoyed with, “Goodbye Connecticut! Goodbye suburbia! Goodbye family! Goodbye childhood!”

I’d felt so claustrophobic and limited by everything that was available to me by the time I was 18 that college felt like an orgasm of options.

If you’re not vibing off that then maybe find a way to carve out a spot for yourself. Join a club or a team or a publication or make some art or help someone else make their art. Get a thesis and run with it. Try on a bunch of theses. Be goth for a while. Do improv.

Just don’t sit in your dorm room and blog about your sweatpants with a bunch of Liz Lemon GIFs. That market’s saturated.

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  1. beautifulways said: Get a job at a restaurant/retail. You’ll make friends there and have more money than your peers so when they complain about being broke you can nod sympathetically but secretly pay back all of your loans and feel light as a bird. I hated college.
  2. foxwithsocks said: the market is defnitely saturated
  3. capricious said: i second the work study thing! it takes up less time than you think, you get $, and get to meet a whole bunch of people you might never have met. i transferred and met my then bf & some of my favorite fronds to this day working at my college gym.
  4. interweber said: get a work study job! i met all my friends at the tutoring spot whre i worked.
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