What are your favorite qualities in a blanket? What makes the best blanket? Talk about blankets. Thanks. -a blanket.

There are several blanket subcategories and I’d like to address a few of them:

  1. The comforter: There are two acceptable comforter types. One is a mid-level-fluffy down. This comforter does not shed and is not here to simply puff and crinkle. It brings heat, and its feathers remain evenly distributed. The second type is the high-end cotton stuffed. I say high-end because if you’re dropping $20 at a Bed, Bath and Beyond it’s gonna be weird before the year’s out. But if you drop a little more and get a really thoughtful, well-made cotton-filled comforter, you’ve got a great option for every season. You supplement the latter comforter choice with the former on a cold winter night and sleep like you’re hibernating.
  2. The supplementary bed-sized blanket: I was raised in a family where beds always had three layers: the comforter, the blanket, and the sheet. The blanket was a thin, woven, hospital-style white number that you could get at your local TJ Maxx or Home Goods from a Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger-type operation. If you are making a thin, queen-sized blanket, let it be a hospital blanket from a discount store. Thank you.
  3. The throw: No synthetic fibers (if it feels like a Beanie Baby, it goes in the garbage), no tassels, no fuss. Give me a proficiently-crafted cotton blanket that reaches at least from my eyebrows to my toes so that I may both fall asleep to a Law & Order marathon and hypothetically picnic if I ever decide to become a picnicker. Need my options wide open.
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  1. echoedsun said: I have a sweatshirt blanket. It feels like I have turtled into a sweatshirt but with my entire body, not just my head like you can actually do. It makes me wildly happy, and I might leave off writing a final essay to go and get it.
  2. colleentie said: the blanket is so important in the winter it hurts my heart when people are unaware
  3. rebeccas said: I think this might just be my favoritest thing on the internet ever.
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