How do you make yourself work on something that you really, really just don't want to do? I've worked so hard this semester, and my mind has now shut down and won't allow me to study for my finals or write my final papers. I will not resort to railing adderall off of the toilets in the library. HELP.

I was a really bad studier and deadline-keeper and all I know how to do is swallow the Adderall the way the lord intended and write a paper that’s semi-on-topic. I once wrote a paper about the use of gender pronouns in “Cranford” just so I didn’t have to actually read or finish “Cranford.” Maybe just take some Adderall the Christian way? Or pray? Or sleep it off and try again in the morning? Emailing my professors and saying, “Hey, I’m gonna miss this deadline, but I’ll get it to you by [like twelve hours after the deadline]” usually helped me for some reason, and they were usually okay about it. I don’t know how small your school is, but if your professor actually knows you maybe let them know that you are drowning in an ocean of academic indifference and they might care or help. Sorry if that was useless.

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  1. capricious said: try a free write on your paper topic (to get your brain over the ‘everything i write needs to be perfect), make an outline. anything is better than a blank word doc staring you in the face! start somewhere - shitty first drafts = something to work on
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