What is the most important hair or makeup product under $20? Similarly, what is the most important hair or makeup product over $20?

No one ever asks me about this stuff. I love this question.

Hair under $20: John Frieda Straight Fixation smoothing cream (you will smell phenomenal)
Makeup under $20: Cover Girl Fresh Complexion concealer (great for people with acne. pls everyone keep buying this so that they keep making it so that I never need to replace it.)

Hair over $20: Fekkai 3-Minute Hair Mask
Makeup over $20: Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil

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  1. emmaiocovozzi said: amen on that brow pencil girl, shout it from the mountain tops
  2. princess-speech said: you seem like such a practical person so I feel like I always take your hair/makeup information kinda seriously when it very occasionally pops up, you should do more every now and again. like when you try new things, or something.
  3. kathkathkath said: i’m glad i’m not the only woman in her twenties who swears by a brow pencil because i feel like an old lady when i use it but then i look 10x better/sassier/etc. soul sisters? brow sisters?
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