Django Unchained was the first Quentin Tarantino movie that I’ve liked. I’ve given him swing after swing (Pulp Fiction, Death Proof, Kill Bills, Inglorious Basterds) out of a desire to participate in the general cultural sentiment that he’s a person whose work we should have an opinion on, but this was the first one that I’ve seen and gone, “Oh, good. I saw this.” It was pretty, it was gross, I did not fall asleep or roll my eyes.

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  1. smokeandacoke said: Maybe you should rewatch some of the others now and you’ll see things you appreciated about Django being cultivated within them.
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  3. ribses said: This really is a sentiment you don’t hear a lot. Tarantino’s hit-and-miss for me, too. But I thought Basterds may have been better than Django. What’s your take on Basterds?
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  8. smileanja said: proof that i am not the only one with this culturally unpopular opinion on quentin tarantino!! ugh finally
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