How did you start doing all of this?

In my very early teens I had a freeopendiary account where I pretended to be a seventeen year old blonde from Georgia named Kady and I wrote fiction about what I imagined it’d be like to be dating a rhythm guitarist in a semi-popular local alt-rock band not dissimilar to The Calling. A group of teens from Texas got really into my entries and offered to fly me out there to hang out with them, at which point I felt too guilty/nervous about my shameful internet habit and deleted the account. Soon thereafter I started a real account for myself, along with an allpoetry account, and just haven’t stopped. No one tell my dad.

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  1. cameronchristopher said: Letthisbetrueletthisbetrue
  2. teachmemrstingle said: Oh wow you were the original whatever that girls name was who fooled all those people on youtube, but with a blog. Lol
  3. redwoodroots said: I really hope this is a true story.