Hi! I read your Accutane post a few months ago where you checked in after around 11 days. How are things going? I'm about to take the plunge and wanted to see how things were going for you :)
—  hellocara

CONGRATS! I’m very excited for you. If your experience is anything like mine, your face is about to change.

My Accutane cycle went awesomely, though not without side effects, and I now understand what most people’s skin organs have been like their whole lives.

I was on the pills from April until August and since being off have seen really profound and long-lasting changes in my skin chemistry. Less oil, virtually no clogged pores, nary a big zit in the entire five months I’ve been off it. Shoulder breakouts are unheard of.

While I was on the medication I definitely saw side effects though. Most notably: my eyes being really sensitive (got a tear duct infection, which I didn’t know was possible), crazy dryness, sunburning more easily, cuts healing more slowly, and having an impossibly low tolerance for alcohol.

As long as you bear in mind that you’re going to spend a few months being very, very sensitive — and as long as you’re willing to be gentle with yourself during that time — the payoff is worth it.

I was actually out to dinner with Lindsey the other night and she stopped mid-convo to remark on how improved and blemish-free my skin is. Not to brag, but bye. First time in my life I’ve gotten that particular Yelp review.

Godspeed, mija.

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