This is a frog (current name: “Refrog”) that hopped off some cacti recently delivered to the Tumblr offices. Species identification, anyone? care and feeding? Doesn’t seem likely he’d survive long if we put him out on the streets of New York.

Tumblr got cactuses to decorate their office and this little amphibibro was a stowaway. They want to take care of him, but they need to know how first. If you know what kind of frog he is, tell Chris. V invested in this.

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    Did this end well?
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    Looks like they already figured out that it’s a Cuban Tree Frog! Invasive and highly adaptable, it would probably be...
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    Mariett please help them out!!!! Don’t worry guys, my sister the zoologist is on it :)
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    Can you post a picture of his stomach?