What's the best way to break up with someone when they're your best friend and that's more important than anything else in the world to you? Also how does one achieve fame and glory, kthx.

You say, “I want to break up with you but you are my best friend and that’s more important to me than anything else in the world, so when you’re ready to talk about it, let’s talk about if we could continue being in each other’s lives even though I don’t want to touch parts anymore.”

Maybe they’ll say, “Fuck you,” and that’s fine. They have some stuff to think about. But as long as you’re considerate of spaces that will probably need to happen, and as long as you articulate as best as you can that you’d still like to be a person they know and speak to, then you’re having the best conversation you can have.

If they say you can be best friends right off the bat, they’re lying.

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  1. dinosaurjam said: Dear rosareads: my four-year relationship ended this past August but he and I are still best friends. You can make it if it’s what you want. Just be sure to give yourselves enough space etc etc.
  2. rosalafae said: (This is rosareads on my other account) Thanks for taking the time to answer this - I appreciate it. You’re wise and stuff. Even if you dodged the fame and glory bit.
  3. yodelmachine said: okay where were you a year ago when i was doing that very same thing (the first thing not the fame and glory thing, whatever)
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