If you could keep any exotic animal in the world as a pet and no one - no landlords, neighbors, family, etc - could fight you on your choice, what would choose and why?

African Grey Parrots are really cool, but if I got one it would definitely outlive me and be loud as fuck. And I don’t think there are any non-domesticated animals out there that I’m like, clamoring to deal with. I’ve seen too many episodes of Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet to think that owning a hyena would be anything but a nightmare.

If money were no object, it’d be cool to have a room with a planetarium-style dome glass ceiling that was a salt water tank and had some blacklights to set off some jellyfish. Just hang out in the jelly room. Turn off the lights and ruminate.

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  1. toomuchto said: Steal my answer: GIANT TORTOISE.
  2. liber-legis said: kickedgoods.com/desktop…
  3. lostcivilization said: you’re from fairfield county, right? i used to fall asleep in the jellyfish room every time my family went to the maritime aquarium
  4. msski said: FINGER MONKEYS. Idk what their real name is but all the pictures I’ve seen of them they’re the size of fingers. THE CUTEST.
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