Last night I went to a birthday party where costume mustaches were readily available and several people remarked how “natural” and “like it just belongs there” mine was. For some reason it felt like a deep compliment. Yes, I do look beautiful with this nylon hair glued to my face. No, it does not get on my tongue every time I sip my drink.

As I approached the bar at one point, a guy said, “I’ve been trying to grow one out, but it never happens.” I stroked the mustache thoughtfully and replied, “Yeah, it took me a couple days, but I got there,” and then we both smiled and I took my drink and left.

I offered one to Josh fresh out of the packet and he said, “I already have a real one, it would be redundant,” and I yelled, “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.”

Anyway, I’m starting a new savings account that’s just for money to finance a lifetime supply of adhesive costume mustaches. Feel like they bring out the best in myself and others.

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    Maybe one day Christine will be able to grow a real mustache. Pray for her.