Sincere thoughts I just had:

  • How old do donkeys live to be?

Google tells me the answer, provided that the donkey is taken care of and getting regular doctor’s appointments, is around 40 years old.

  • That’s so long.
  • If I wanted a donkey and wanted to be able to care for it its whole life, I’d have to get it right now.
  • Or soon at least.
  • That’s so stressful.
  • It’d be so hard to go on vacation if you had a donkey.
  • So hard to do anything spontaneous in your life.
  • You’d have to live in the same place, like, really plant.
  • Really be okay with yourself and have everything out of your system.
  • Or at least be okay only living in land-y, fence-y places.
  • But even moving a donkey would probably be traumatic for it, so you wouldn’t want to do that too much.
  • That’s so stressful.
  • I’m 24.
  • Am I never going to own a donkey?
  • Is this the night that door in my imagination shuts?

A long, quiet pause where I have no thoughts.

  • Oh but I could adopt an old one.

Instant, palpable relief and endorphins in my sad lizard brain.

  • That’s so much better anyway.
  • Give a home to a gentle elder donkey who needs love.
  • Snuggs on his lonely nose.
  • I’m like, 35 and wearing some LL Bean shit.
  • A gentle snow on my donkey farm.

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