Okay so I'm pretty sure I saw you in grand central at 7:27 pm today and I only placed your face after you'd already passed me but I was feeling really insecure about my writing at that exact moment and seeing you cheered me up because you are one of my personal heroes and this isn't really a question but just a weird creepy stalker thing now. The point is, you're my favorite and if it was you, I should have said hi. So. Thanks for being you.

Oh my god it was me! I had just gotten a weird discount on my birth control at Duane Reade because I’m between insurance cards and the pharmacist thought it was charming that I was going to pay for it out of pocket, so I was in a “people are really cool!” state of mind. That, or I was staring into the glowing Apple logo in the marble wall and noticing for the first time how budget it looks. They didn’t really seal off the little hinges of the door they use to change the lightbulb, so sure, it’s a glowing Apple logo in the middle of a beautiful, historic stone wall, but then it’s surrounded by four glowing seams where they clearly cut into the stone for consumerism and branding and ugh, it was like a bad poem. No matter what I had two sweaters shoved in my purse, and you should know it is not normally so bulbous. Definitely say hi next time and I’ll spout facts like that at you until we are both pleasantly uncomfortable enough to disengage. Glad I made your day even marginally better, though. And duh, keep writing. Always.

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  1. echoedsun said: Liked for the last two sentences (although the whole exchange is stellar). Because it’s nice to hear it, even if it is a “duh.”