Reasons I have unfriended people in the last seven days:

  • a status listing the things they did that day
  • barrage of content re: someone else’s baby
  • "I am never going to see this person again in my life."
  • a link prompting me to check out a newly-started fitness Blogspot
  • live-posting photos from a dog’s euthanization

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  3. catherinicorn said: Oh man, bullet 4 just hit home so hard. HS bestie (now barely a friend) quit her job as a model casting agent to “focus more on doing BeachBody full time.” Girl aspires to sell crap shakes and P90x. And, oh, yep, has a terrible blog she over shares.
  4. iamaduck said: That last one makes me want to friend them just so I can un-friend them. Gross.