Exterior shot of a tower. Cut to inside there is a spiral staircase from top to bottom, stories and stories high, along the tower’s walls. People are walking up and down the staircase talking over open binders, skipping steps cause they’re late for meetings, feeling their pockets for their phones. One pair of people are mid-meet cute after an embarrassing coffee spill. “I’m so sorry!” sputters one business-casual peon. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing,” smiles peon two, dusting off a lapel. In the lobby, an elderly janitor leans onto his rolling garbage can like it’s a walker, shuffling slowly. One executive passes by and shudders while imagining the janitor going home to his shared apartment, the janitor turning the key to a mailbox, the janitor’s Sunday afternoon. The executive vows to find a girlfriend. Cut back outside, the tower has been an erect penis the whole time.

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