Are there any updates to the list of cultures you are not privy to?

Juicing and smoothie culture.

As far as juicing goes, it takes something that’s arguably nutritionally compelling and turns it into an exercise in everyone displaying their unhealthy food and body attitudes via social media. Hug your mom, stop talking about your cleanse.

Smoothies. The oranges in the cafeteria were all looking sad today, but I’ve been concerned about my ~cold immunities~, so I rolled the dice and bought this. It is exactly like drinking a loogie. Everyone who says they like smoothies is wrong and lying.

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  1. ampersands said: you just ruined naked fruit smoothies for me. thx
  2. prettynitsrik said: xtine naked juices are amazing. except the protein ones. try green machine.
  3. catherinicorn said: Yeah but I swear to Sagan the Naked green juice makes a hangover forget it was trying to happen. I’ll drink anything that means I can haul my ass off to brunch.
  4. ramen-tho said: Smoothies are one of my favorite indulgences. Maybe I put too much sugar in mine.
  5. erikonymous said: It’s actually not nutritionally compelling, even. There’s no health benefit that you wouldn’t receive from eating the same fruit (in fact, eating the fruit is better), and it doesn’t help your body “cleanse” any better than it normally would.
  6. fauxlita said: smoothies are usually weird unless you make em yourself, all it takes is a banana some frozen strawberries milk and yogurt! you might change your mind!
  7. phenthouse said: "Make me a banana cognac, biatch!"
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