Do you trust banks? What if it all goes haywire by the time we're old enough to retire and all our pennies are dust? What then? Oh god I hope you have a really great answer.

I trust banks for checking and savings because I am an adult who has bills to pay in 2013, but I don’t have a 401k because I’m also an idiot who will probably be homeless when she retires. It’s all too hypothetical and pretend and contingent on my trusting strangers to have my best interest in mind (they don’t!).

My dad is a financebro and tries to assure me that trusting banks is smart/prudent/patriotic, but like, money doesn’t exist. It’s a concept that we all just agree has value. And I get really caught up in entry-level, humanity 101 stuff when it comes to currency. I am every stoned guy you wish would just get off of your couch and go home your first semester freshman year of college.

I also don’t believe in credit. I only have a debit card. Spend what you have, not hypothetical futuremoney.

See you when I decide to move to Boca for my respiratory system and am forced to get the retirement community condo package without central air because I was so shortsighted at 24.

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  1. spareunderthematforever said: what about… credit card to build credit? also no 401k and then finance bro dad, all i could think of was “trust fund baby from CT.” hahaha NOOOOO. screaming.
  2. notveryraven said: I have an account at the credit union instead of the bank because I feel like it’s more people-oriented?? but I’d prob trust a financebro over my own dumb feelings. same though