So Cole and I live within a block of one another. The other day I passed him on the sidewalk and WAVED AND SMILED AS I PASSED. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH? DO I HAVE TO STOP AND SAY WORDS TOO?

We live in close proximity. There will invariably be a lot of interactions like this one. I feel like I’ve set a good precedent, though, where the stop-and-talk is optional.

What’s the alternative? What if I had set a stop-and-talk precedent and the next time we passed each other it was raining and one or the other felt obligated to stop and be like, “Huh. Some rain we’re having”?

I think I did the right thing here.

What is air?

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  1. agreenlens answered: Seinfeld
  2. dalasverdugo answered: NYC’rs need to have more casual chats in general. I’ll see someone I haven’t seen in 2 years and after 20 seconds I can tell they’re done.
  3. stolzenballs answered: curb episode. “stop n chat”
  4. stryker said:… you did the right thing. i’m not even going to look at you next time.
  5. smeezme answered: Air is life. Life is tumblr.
  6. cheeryfantasies answered: The ole Curb your Enthusiasm “stop and chat”.
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