Best Gas Ranges To Meet Your Needs & Budget

Our Gas Range Reviews section is where you’ll find in-depth reviews, ratings, & guidance for finding the best Gas Ranges for your budget and design needs.

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a gas range is safety. It doesn’t matter if the purchase is for a small apartment or a commercial kitchen – safety needs to be the #1 factor when selecting a unit.

GE Gas Range

Best Gas Ranges

Below you will find our list of the top-rated gas ranges, then you will find brief reviews of each individual unit below the comparison table.

Gas Range Reviews: Summary

Bosch HGS3053UC 300 Gas Range

This is a great buy for anyone despite it using only gas. Bosch HGS3053UC 300 30″ are top of the range and so far customer reviews are above 3 meaning it is a good buy.

Bosch HGS3053UC 300 Gas Range

The stove is a great buy because it is movable, a manageable weight and stainless steel to bring sparkle in the kitchen. Being a freestanding stove, you can move it to any corner anytime you so wish without calling a technician to help you.

The oven is just perfect because it is self-cleaning so less cleaning worries in case there is a spill.

Gallery Series Freestanding Gas Range

You will receive far more versatility from this gas range than you have ever before. The convection feature will really make a difference. Unlike manual meat thermometers, you will find the automatic temperature probe remarkably accurate. Overall, this gas range cooks well, and is worth the price.

Gallery Series Freestanding Gas Range

The Frigidaire Gallery Series 30 inch Freestanding Gas Range is a high-performing, more accessible and innovative gas range than many others.

Multiple dishes will be accommodated by it and you will even get additional space for cookware thanks to a handy storage drawer. It will prove to be great for general use and bonus cooking.

KUCHT KRG3080U Pro-Style Gas Range

The KUCHT KRG3078U 30-inch Burner Range is an expensive cooking appliance but delivers quality performance. It is a great purchase if you want an alternative cooking tool in your kitchen.

KUCHT KRG3080U Pro-Style Gas Range

You will appreciate the electronic ignition feature that makes it simple to ignite. Get ready to cook like a professional with this range

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Range Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Ranges for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one the Best Freestanding Ranges, one of the Best Slide In Ranges, or one of the Best Cooktops as alternatives.

Most gas stoves today come with electronic ignition and a safety valve that regulates the flow of gas to the burners. This allows the flow of gas to be turned off completely when the range is not in use. The electronic ignition provides for quick start-up when you are ready to cook. It is probably best to avoid any unit that does not have these safety features. You may also want a range with the “hot surface” light feature. This can quickly warn everyone to stay away from a hot surface immediately after cooking.

It is also important to select the best gas range to get consistent heat throughout the oven or to the burners so that your meals are cooked through evenly. The type of cooking you plan to do is vitally important to getting the best gas range for your needs. A steak lover will have different needs than someone who uses the oven primarily for baking. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what to look for when shopping around.

Type Of Cooking

If you love steaks and want the ability to get great flavor cooking inside, consider a gas range with the best broiling reviews. Do you love to entertain and need to feed lots of mouths at once? Take the useful cooking space inside the oven into account. If you want the option to cook a turkey and bake a dessert at the same time, consider a dual oven range. If most of your cooking is done on the stove-top using one of the burners, your needs could be different. Figure out the type of cooking you do most often and let that be your guide

Type Of Range

Gas ranges come in either a stand-alone or slide-in models. The slide-in models create the “built-in” look. The standalone type is simple to install and can generally be done by just about anyone. Slide-in models are space-savers in tight quarters, but may require some special attention when it comes to installation.

In either case, you can likely ignore the total BTU rating. This is sometimes used as a selling point by stores, but is in no way indicative of performance. It is simply a measuring stick for how much fuel is used, not how efficiently it might burn.

Touch-Pad Controls

With gas ranges, the cook can get a good idea of heat from the open flame coming from the burners on the stove top. However, for the oven and broiler, it is important that the touch-pad controls are easily accessible. The most common location is on the panel behind the burners, but some models do include controls that are front-mounted.

The front-mounted option is a good choice for someone without the ability to safely reach the rear mounted controls (such as someone confined to a wheelchair). However, most consumers will be better served by rear-mounted controls since front-mounted can be bumped easily or accidentally turned off. For either choice, it is important that you find the controls easy to operate and easy to understand.


Some models will include a feature called “low power simmer burner”. This is not an essential option as any burner should be capable of low heat on a low flame setting. Simmering is easily accomplished by just turning the flame to the desired level.

Having at least one burner with a 12,000 BTU rating or higher is desirable as this will allow one burner to heat up very quickly. Another important factor with the burners is the material of the grates that your pots and pans will sit atop while cooking. Solid cast iron is great for heat transfer, but can be especially difficult to clean in the event of a spill.

Another great option is cast-iron coated porcelain, ceramic grates, which are dishwasher safe. In addition to the standard four burners, another feature that adds ultimate cooking flexibility is a grill on the stove top in the center between the burners. With a grill, you can bring the joy of outdoor cooking indoors safely and efficiently.

Self-cleaning Cycle

The only option worth consideration here is a gas range that has a high heat self-cleaning cycle. Self-cleaning eliminates the need to hand wash an oven and is done at the push of a button. Some units offer a low heat self-cleaning cycle, which will use less gas, but the oven will not get as clean and the dollar savings in energy use will be minimal.

Oven Rack Positions

While most people will rarely change the location of oven racks once you put them in, it is quite nice to have some flexibility when it comes to rack position. It is helpful to have at least 5 different rack positions available to you so that you can cook a dish of any size efficiently with a minimal amount of effort to make space in the oven.

Time-Delay Start

This may seem like a convenient option but it is one of the most non-essential features you will ever need or use. It is not a good idea to ever leave a hot oven unattended and it not smart to leave foods in a cold oven for too long before turning the oven on to begin cooking.


There is no shortage of brand choices or price points to consider. All will perform adequately when it comes to cooking your food, but some brands will provide you with more features, status, and luxury. It all depends on if you are looking for a utilitarian cooking device, a central showpiece, or both.

Some of the most common brands available are:


Amana is a mass market brand that is very budget-friendly. Expect a price range between $400 and $1000 when choosing a range from this manufacturer. This brand is great for apartment dwellers, young families, and budget-conscious individuals.


Bosch is a German high end brand with prices starting around $800. The features are not much better than Amana, but the brand does add a slight “cool” factor for those who would rather step up slightly.


The Electrolux brand is relatively new to the U.S., but has been serving the European market for more than 70 years. Expect a price range from $1500 – $2500. The main difference with Electrolux is that you are paying for an upgraded appearance, not necessarily better performance. Electrolux features a modern design and touch glass controls.


The Frigidaire brand appeals to the mass market with a price range of $500 – $1500. This brand is also easy to buy in a matching set to the appearance of your other kitchen appliances.


GE has several levels of options available. GE Profile is a series of mid-level ranges with a price point between $1000 and $2000. GE Cafe is the latest brand from GE and has the stainless steel look of modern restaurant kitchens with a price point a little higher than $2000. The GE Monogram line is intended for high-end consumers that want all of the available bells and whistles in a price range between $5000 and $7000.


Kenmore is the popular Sears private label brand and appeals to the mass market. This brand is budget friendly and typically includes all of the basic features with a price range of $500 – $1500. Kenmore Pro is a higher end nameplate intended to look more like a professional kitchen with a price range between $1500 and $6000.


LG is fairly new to the cooking appliance game, but brings the same ingenuity of design from its other appliance offerings. LG models are known for their high-tech design and large capacity in its freestanding models. This is a good choice for the habitual entertainer with a price range between $1000 and $1500.


The Whirlpool brand is made for the mass market with a price range of $500 – $1500. Whirlpool now offers a range specifically targeted for the Hispanic consumer that includes English and Spanish controls and a Comal for heating tortillas.

The brands presented above are just a few of the options available to you when looking for the best gas range to suit your needs. Several other higher end options are available, but the difference in price is most likely a matter of styling and not a matter of function.

Warranty Period And Service

The warranty period and ease of getting service should something go wrong with your range is also something to consider. Some of the highest end brands come with a 5 year warranty, but the manufacturer may discontinue a particular model and stop making parts for it in the third year of your warranty.

That can make the price of repairs quite hefty. The mass market brands such as GE, Amana, Frigidaire, and Kenmore need to have great service support if for no other reason than the number of units they sell. Problems are bound to arise with any kitchen appliance sooner or later and it can’t be considered one of the best gas ranges if you will need to replace it due to lack of available replacement parts or difficulty in scheduling service.

Selecting The Best Gas Range

After you take technical specifications into consideration, you may want to take appearance into account. After all, you are going to see the range in your kitchen every day (and hopefully for a very long time). The unit you select has to be appealing to your eye or you will just want to replace it long before it has served its use. In the long-term, you will eventually need to replace all of your kitchen appliances so you want a gas range that has an easy-to-match look. Several brands sell matching appliance packages so that the refrigerator, range, dishwasher and refrigerator all have a matching appearance.

Remember to pick out the features that are most important to you and then go about your search for the ideal gas range to suit your needs. Do you want to cook large meals or entertain often? Go for a unit with the largest cooking capacity in the way of burners and oven space and if you have room for it in your kitchen, consider a dual oven unit. Do you want to cook as quickly as possible on the stovetop? Select a unit with the most high-BTU burners. Do you have small children or elderly people living in your home? Start with a unit with rear-mounted controls to ensure safety and narrow your list down from there.

Brand loyalty does not serve much of a purpose to you since nearly every gas range on the market will have the same basic features. It is helpful to begin your search by starting in your price range and then looking at the one feature that is most important to you. Above all else, take the time to make an informed decision so that you will end up with a list of the best gas ranges within your budget and you will have an appliance that you will love to cook with for many years. Don’t think of this as a purchase to fill your needs just for today. Consider the long-term requirements you will have as your family grows or if you have older children preparing to leave the nest. Let your current and future cooking needs guide the way.