Frigidaire Professional FPGF3077QF Freestanding Range Review

Frigidaire’s stainless FPGF3077QF gas range has an incredible determination of burners and great warmth yield. It likewise incorporates an oval-molded burner in the middle however is strangely missing a going with iron. In any case, the stainless, smear confirmation complete is an appealing supplement to the dark cooktop and accents. Available at Amazon

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Frigidaire Professional Freestanding Range

The FPGF3077QF gas stove has an awesome choice of burners. The essential burner, situated in the front right, achieves a liberal 18,000 Btu warm yield. There’s a moderate stewing 5,000 Btu burner in the back appropriate, and additionally two midrange burners with yields of 9,500 and 12,000 Btu. The focal burner is a stretched shape and delivers 10,000 Btu of warmth. Frigidaire does exclude an incorporated iron to use on this burner, yet it can be requested independently. The inside burner is extraordinary for frying pans and simmering skillet.

The extent of the broiler pit is about normal – 5.6 cubic feet. The gas stoves we assessed found the middle value of 5.7 cubic feet in size. The grill yields an OK 13,500 Btu of warmth, and the broiler can warm up to 550 degrees. High-temperature grills are awesome for rapidly liquefying cheddar and crisping up garlic bread, and a high general stove temperature is useful for pizzas and different batters. Frigidaire’s PowerPlus Convection uniformly heats nourishment, regardless of the container’s position in the stove. It accompanies three broiler racks you can put in the six accessible rack positions. One of the racks is counterbalanced to make space for expansive broiling dish or turkeys. It does exclude an extending or floating rack, and the stove doesn’t have a sealing mode for raising mixtures. Available at Amazon

This gas stove self-cleans utilizing huge warmth, however you can pick additions of two, four or six hours. There isn’t a coordinated heating shutoff highlight or control bolt, however it includes a Sabbath mode on the off chance that you have to confine preparing amid specific circumstances. The drawer underneath gives stockpiling to pots and container.

Frigidaire guarantees the FPGF3077QF for one year, which is standard for unattached gas ranges. Online enlistment is simple, and client administration is extremely available amid daytime hours, including on Saturdays. You can likewise email client benefit with issues however no live talk is accessible. Manuals and guarantee subtle elements are additionally accessible on the web, and there’s a decent FAQs area and relating YouTube channel in case you’re new to cooking with gas.


The lovely outline of the consistent meshes and differentiating complete make this an a la mode expansion to your kitchen. While it’s feeling the loss of a few elements like an incorporated iron, steam self-cleaning and mixture sealing, the burner blend is extraordinary and the temperature range is workable for generally cooks. Available at Amazon