Dacor 36″ Discovery Built-In Refrigerator – DYF36BF Review

Dacor Appliances, once a staple American-made brand, is slowly starting to make a comeback. They have finally released a high-quality integrated product, thanks in part to a partnership with Italian manufacturer Fabia. Their new Fabia-based “Discovery” refrigerator is impressive in the flesh and built like a rock.

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Dacor Discovery Integrated Refrigerator – DYF36BF
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“Solid” is one of the first words that come to mind when you lay your hands on it for the first time. The exterior fit and finish is one of the best here. Inside, gorgeous glass shelves with metal banding are adjustable. The crisper drawers are built entirely out of bead blasted aluminum and feature heavy duty soft-close mechanisms. They feel rugged in hand and look fantastically high-end.

The LED lighting in the unit is well placed, reflecting off the white metal walls. The ice maker is unique in that the cubes can be made in one of two different sizes. And you get to choose! Change it any time you like, it is the only refrigerator in this line-up to be able to do that. The unit features two variable speed compressors and two sealed systems with separate evaporator units, just like the Sub-Zero. The freezer compartment can, at the touch of a button, be converted to additional refrigeration space. Another feature that is unique to this model in the line-up.

In fact, if this were the end of the story this unit would be in the #2 spot, just behind the Sub-Zero. But unfortunately there is one key issue with this unit. The control panel is extremely difficult to navigate. Like, get out your manual for the 5th time difficult. If this was not the case, this unit – when bundled with Dacor’s current rebate incentives – could very well give the Sub-Zero a run for its money.

We find a lot of things to like about this Dacor, and one big control interface we don’t. If you can get past the controls, this unit may be the perfect fit for your home.