Fisher & Paykel 36″ ActiveSmart Built-In Refrigerator – RS36A80J1 Review

First up is the Fisher and Paykel ActiveSmart™ Refrigerator (RS36A80J1) – a 36″ integrated French Door model that comes in two sizes, 80″ and 84″. Both sizes come with two customizable options, Panel Ready or Stainless Steel, to help you choose a design that suits your kitchen perfectly.

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Fisher-Paykel 36 ActiveSmart Refrigerator – RS36A80J1
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There are a ton of features available with this Fisher & Paykel refrigerator, among them the ActiveSmart™ Foodcare system, which Fisher and Paykel guarantees keeps food fresher for longer. The ActiveSmart™ Foodcare feature is largely a temperature control design that adapts the environment of the fridge based on your user habits. So, if you’re like the majority of the world and forget to close the door as you move items in and out, your fridge will automatically adjust the internal temperature settings to make sure that your food is always kept at the optimal temperature.

The ActiveSmart™ Refrigerator is built for families, and has almost 17 cubic feet of storage space – over 5 cubic feet in the freezer and almost 12 cubic feet in the fridge. Beautiful cantilevered shelves, designed to prevent spills and catch messes before they spread, are made especially for easy cleaning and care.

LED lighting on this unit really impresses in each compartment, allowing for better viewing of items while saving you energy and keeping up with Fisher and Paykel’s Energy Star rating. There are a number of other features available with this unit, such as the Fast Freeze option and the Humidity Control System in each bin that ensures your fruits and vegetables are kept in the perfect environment for maximum freshness.

The best feature of all on the new Fisher & Paykel Integrated Refrigerator though is the price. Check The Price, this unit can save big bucks. What it lacks in features it tries to make up for in gorgeously detailed interior. Fisher and Paykel is a brand to watch in the coming year.