GE PZS22MMKES Side By Side Refrigerator Review

The GE PZS22MMKES has a noteworthy measure of storage room with additional entryway receptacles, notwithstanding having less cubic feet of space inside than different refrigerators.

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GE PZS22MMKES Side By Side Refrigerator
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The GE PZS22MMKES is pressed with the most valuable elements we searched for while looking into side-by-side ice chests. This incorporates movable and spill-evidence racks, dampness and temperature-controlled drawers, and both a dairy compartment and a shop drawer.

Notwithstanding three drawers and four retires, the GE has four entryway canisters in the refrigerated segment’s entryway. An extra four canisters are in the cooler entryway of this stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator, rather than the standard three. This is amazing considering the GE is littler than many models, with just more than 21 cubic feet of inside space.

This specific model isn’t Energy Star ensured and utilizes about $80 a year in vitality. This likens to $3.65 per cubic foot, which is very high contrasted with expenses of opposite side-by-side refrigerators in our survey. This is the most compelling motivation the GE got just a 80 percent productivity score.

The touch controls are situated alongside the water gadget on the cooler side entryway. Notwithstanding conforming the temperature, you can bolt the distributor and set a caution to tell you when the entryway has been left open for a specific measure of time.

GE incorporates both a one-year guarantee and a five-year service contract on the fixed framework for this model. Point by point data about the guarantee is in the client guides, which are accessible on the GE site. For any extra inquiries or help with your GE refrigerator, you can talk with a bolster delegate by means of online visit, phone and email.


While the GE PZS22MMKES has somewhat less space than most side-by-side refrigerators we analyzed, it makes great utilization of the space. It incorporates four entryway receptacles on both the cooler and refrigerator sides. It likewise has flexible retires so you can without much of a stretch fit substantial things. This model has a shop drawer and a dairy compartment, highlights not regularly discovered together in a side-by-side refrigerator, and also the standard crisper drawers with temperature and moistness control. The GE makes up to some degree for its moderately high vitality use with a considerable measure of awesome stockpiling accommodations. Check The Price